18/100 Happy Days. (Day 30)

by sdlifer

I volunteer with a non-profit and one of the perks is that they give volunteers opportunities to see various plays or musicals at local theaters for free.

A local theater was going to play Bare: A Pop Opera. Months ago, my boyfriend said we HAVE to see this. I guess it was a favorite of his when he was younger but he has never seen it live. I got an email for free tickets and I booked it for the first night. We get ready and go a little early. Last time we went to this theater, they knew our names as we came up because we were the last to check in. This time we wanted to be a little more timely. We got there early and there was a large crowd there. Larger than the other two times we’ve been there so I figured this must be a larger musical. While waiting, my BF saw some people he knew from high school and we talked to them until the show started.

It’s a small theater so anywhere you sit is a good seat. It’s a very intimate theater. We walk into the theater and he knew someone else! She used to be an actor at a local haunted house for seven years and one of prop designers for this show. I met her and they caught up until the show started.

The show is basically about a boy in a catholic high school and his struggle to come out. It also featured a few other side characters all with their own story lines and perspectives. It had the mother struggling with the fact she has a gay son, the bigger girl struggling with her identity, the popular girl being misused by guys, and the popular guy that is secretly gay and hiding it. It was really a good show. The actors looked really young too yet were so talented. I forgot to mention that one of my BF’s co-workers was in the show. She played one of the side characters but had her own lines and had some good scenes. My BF was laughing, crying, and cheering the whole way through. It was a good night and then we went to get a drink after. 🙂

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