19/100 Happy Days. (Day 31)

by sdlifer

It’s my one month blogiversary!

I’ve be been officially blogging for a month straight with at least one post every day. I’m pretty excited to have accomplished that because it was something I didn’t think I would ever stick to! Nor was it my intention to blog everyday when I first started but it happened that way. Now I just need to accomplish my 100 Happy Days, which this accomplishment makes me think I will be able to complete it.

Hmm, in a month I don’t think I’ve changed much from my original post. I’m still waiting to go to the UC school and majoring in Chemistry. I am currently working on my diet and exercise routine. As of right now, my exercise routine isn’t stable and I haven’t made it a priority. This is something I need to change. It’s a wonder I didn’t change because I feel so good after I do exercise. My relationship is still intact and doing well. We are planning on moving out together soon. My summer class is going great since I have a 100% in the class at the moment. I have plans to scratch some items off my bucket list this upcoming month. The next month after that I will be going to another country. The next month will be moving out month and the month following that will be my entrance into the university. Such exciting months ahead.

Some goals for next month:
-Make working out a priority
-Make healthy food choices always
-Focus on spending my time productively
-Spend wisely

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