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Chemistry. (Day 26)

I went to a sandwich place to get some food. I only had my card and there was a card minimum so thought it would be a great opportunity to surprise my boyfriend with a sandwich. I got him one and went to school with it. I called him and he was in the library. He was doing some group work going over their take home chemistry midterm. I got him the sandwich and stayed to see if they needed help. I waited until they talked out their reasoning for each question before I gave my input because I feel it would only hurt them if I were only there to give them answers. What happens when they are on their own for the test? They won’t have the strategies of thinking out the problems if I just simply throw the answers out. They talked them all out and I just guided them towards the answer. It seemed like they had the tools as a group to figure it all out but asked me for confirmation.

I hope when I get to the UC school that I find a good group to study with. It really helps because if you don’t get something, there is always somewhere there that does and is able to explain it to you. When you do get it, it benefits you to teach someone else how to do it because it forces you to critically think about it enough to be able to teach someone else. Therefore, the ideas and concepts will retain better because not only are you reading it on paper, you are writing it out on paper, and you are now reciting it out loud and hearing it back. You are using more senses which I believe will make it stick with you.

I really need to brush up on my chemistry before I get to the UC. I haven’t had a chemistry class in a while.

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2/100 Happy Days.

Palms were sweating. Is there a draft in here? NO? Oh right, there are no windows.

You can say I was nervous to get my Spanish test back. I felt like I did really well when I took it but then when I was recounting the things I put on the test, I felt less confident. There was two that I absolutely felt I got wrong. I hoped that would still leave me with an A. My strategy with school is always to try hard but, mainly, to try hard in the first few tests so that I can relax for the later ones. Most teachers drop one test and your grade is the average of all the rest. I try to do well on all the first tests and not have to drop any of those so that when it comes to the final, either the teacher will let me not take it because all the other grades were good enough to pass with a good grade or I don’t have to try as hard to study for the final because my grade won’t fall too hard with my previous scores.

I got my test back and it had a 100 1/2% on it. There was one question for extra credit and I attempted and got it correct. I also got two problems wrong. One I didn’t receive any points for and the other I was only marked off a half of a percent. I was ultimately nervous for nothing but I felt proud of myself. I had an immediate rush of happiness flow through my veins. This is the first test of the semester so, obviously, it’s the easiest but I still felt incredibly proud that I was able to retain and understand the material.

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Friendships. (Day 14)

The first day of class I was twenty minutes late. I walked into class and scanned the room for available seats. The faces were a big blur. I just did a bee line to the easiest to get to available seat. There was one in the back so I made my way through the random array of chairs to the empty one. I look to my right and smile to my neighbor. She smiles back. I look to my left and she wasn’t looking up so I just look forward at the teacher. Throughout the class, the girl to my right and I chatted a little and I could tell she would be my class friend. A week later and she’s my only friend in class. I’m glad I have one to talk to because in my math class, I didn’t have anyone… It’s so funny when we are in class and someone does or says something dumb or weird, she’ll look over at me and give me this look. Then I can’t help but laugh.

She’s pretty chill and I definitely could see us hanging out but at the moment, its just a class friend. I think its cool when people cross over into your life. For instance, when a work friend becomes your actual friend outside of work. Sometimes people are just meant to be your work friend or your school friend but sometimes they are meant to be more than that and it’s cool to see who comes and goes throughout your life. I wonder how many people could have been a great friend outside of where I met them but something just didn’t work out. Whether it be their schedule or my schedule or whatever and we never got to materialize a true friendship. Sometimes I think about how many of those have slipped through the cracks and makes me want to make sure no more do. I have a real bad habit of being a homebody and never accepting invitations to do things with people. After so many times of not accepting the invite, they just stop inviting. I don’t blame them. I need to put myself out there more and try to become a part of a group. I definitely should get this down before I get to the UC because it will be to my benefit once I get there to get a good core of people to study with. Just another thing for me to work on to make me a better me!

UPDATE: We hung out.

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Language. (Day 12)

I have my first test today in my Spanish class. I took three years of Spanish at my high school but didn’t think I knew much. Taking this class brings it all back. This first chapter seems like a breeze to me because it is sort of a review but I knew I needed to take this class because I would need to refresh the basics before I take the third class. (I skipped the first class with the credit from high school. I could have skipped the second as well but figured I’d need to establish that foundation first.) My hope is that, although I’m taking this as a requirement for graduating, I will be able to at least navigate my way through a conversation in Spanish eventually. I would like to be able to go down to Mexico and be able to understand the basis of what people are saying. I feel pretty confident that I can do this. Learning a new language is like opening up a door that was previously locked and being able to explore what’s hiding beyond it. I have two jobs and one of them we frequently get Spanish speakers and its funny to be able to eavesdrop and start understanding a few words here and there. Its like piecing together a verbal puzzle but later I will have the full picture.

After I finish my third semester of Spanish, I think I will be conversational at the least. My sister took Spanish for a few more years than I did and can actually understand and speak it but she will never admit to it. One day, though, we were out somewhere and the person we were talking to didn’t speak English. All of a sudden, she spoke perfect Spanish to her. It surprised me because she always said that she didn’t really know how to speak it but here she was doing it. I think that’s one of her many talents. Unfortunately, neither of us know our native language. We left when we were really young although she was older when we left. She can understand it when people speak it but she can’t speak it at all. (Unless she has another hidden talent I’m not aware of.) After I learn Spanish, I want to become fluent in my own language. I’ve already started the basics and took the first semester. I got an A and found it really easy but I don’t think I took much from the class. I was just really good at taking tests. After two or three more semesters, I will be fluent.

I feel like moving here I’ve lost all remnants of the other half of my culture. I don’t speak the language, I don’t know their customs (although I know they are really superstitious lol), I don’t know their history and I don’t have contact with that side of my family except my English speaking aunt, who lives in Australia. I guess that’s mostly my fault for not seeking it out but I think this is the year to rectify most of that. I’ll save the language part til after I finish Spanish because two languages at once is intimidating.

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UPDATE: I just went back through my blog and renamed the titles to match what’s in the post. I also probably should proofread these entries because I just randomly type once through without checking for mistakes or flow or making any good transitions. But I’ll save that for another day. Maybe when I go to the beach and am laying out.

Yosemite. (Day 11)


I just got an email from the school I’ll be attending in the fall. The email was telling me about all the cool adventure opportunities for the incoming students like going to Yosemite for a few days or Catalina or a slew of other fun options.

Out of all the options, the Yosemite one seems the best. I’ve personally never been to Yosemite and have always wanted to. This would be the best opportunity since transportation is provided along with a fun itinerary and also a large group of new people to meet that will be in the same boat as me — new to the school and open to different opportunities. The advantages of going on a trip like this are that its a chance to do something exciting, scratch something off my bucket list and meet people that will be going to my new school. One disadvantage is that its $400 plus the cost of all the equipment, which I was totaling up and its more cost than the trip. I don’t know if I want to spend that much money for items that I will use only once. Another disadvantage is that I was thinking of moving closer to school at that exact time and that would leave me with less money to do so.

I am really leaning towards going but the equipment costs are so intimidating since I don’t have anything camping related already. They assume that you already own most of the equipment on the packing list. I am not an avid camper (although I LOOOOVEEE camping) so I own literally no camping material. Like, at all… Oh Yosemite! I will see you one day! If not with school, then with my boyfriend as a fun little trip.

Have you ever heard of #1ooHappyDays? Its a challenge to post for 100 days what makes you happy that day. If I was to do this, my first post would be this post about the email and the possibility of me going on this trip. I post every day anyway so maybe I could do two posts — one regular one and one for #100HappyDays. Or just post once and make the #100HappyDays my daily post. Hmm…

UPDATE: I’m not going to do the Yosemite trip  because of the cost of having to buy all the camping supplies. I will just have to do my own Yosemite trip later!

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Differential Equations. (Day 7)

I am epicly failing my Differential Equations class. I have a day to decide whether or not to drop the class before I get a bad grade in it or get a withdrawal, which is just as bad.

I’m trying to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of staying in or taking it when I get to the UC. If I stay, it helps me move along faster because it gets another class out of the way. Also, at the community college, the quizzes can pad my grade if I start doing better on them. If I continue to do bad though, it would considerably drop my grade and affect my GPA. If I take it over there, my friend says it’s easier because the class is curved and makes it easier to do better. If I wait and take it though, it pushes my schedule back and makes graduating on time really tight. I’m hoping on taking only two years to graduate but my friend who goes there already tells me to take three. I’ve waited long enough so I really just want to keep it moving and since I need to go to more school after, taking three years is not something I want to do.

I have until tomorrow morning but I am leaning towards dropping the class unfortunately so it doesn’t affect my GPA too much. We shall see.

Decisions, decisions.

UPDATE: I just dropped my class. I planned out my schedule and I’d be able to fit in in at UC.

UPDATE: I talked to an academic adviser at UC and I will be taking it first thing in the Fall.

Summer School. (Day 4)


Summer school!

It has started and I’m taking a Differential Equations class and a Spanish class. I’m taking Differential Equations because its a major preparation course before I transfer to UC. I’m taking Spanish because the particular college I’m in at UC (it has a six college system where each college has different graduation requirements) requires you to be proficient in another language. All the other graduation requirements were in sync for my major so its only an added two classes for me. Plus, living in southern California, it is very beneficial to learn Spanish.

Being that we have half the time of a normal semester (eight weeks as opposed to sixteen), we can’t really afford to lose any time so even on the first day, we had a lecture and not just going over the syllabus. I already have homework and was given a take home quiz.

Overall, it was a good day. The weather wasn’t too hot or too cold. I wore a short sleeve button up and shorts. My boyfriend was also at school so we met up before I went to class in a study area. Then I had my first class which was my math class. There was only one person from the Linear Algebra class that I took last semester and we didn’t really talk so I was relatively quiet all class. On my break between classes, I talked to my sister on the phone and lost track of time and was twenty minutes late to my Spanish class! Unfortunately, she was forgiving due to it being the first week. I crashed the class so I had to go through a couple to hoops to be able to get in. After all the hoops, I got an add code by emailing my teacher and now I’m officially in. Now homework time! BYE FOR NOW.

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UPDATE: I dropped my Differential Equations class and I’m going to be taking that my first quarter at the UC.