Fitness Challenge. (Day 6)

by sdlifer


This is why I love WordPress. You discover new things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Most recently, I found out about a thirty day fitness challenge to strengthen your core. I discovered this via Emily, who shared it from Marc. The challenge is pictured above in calendar form. How convenient! You can print it out and cross off the days. I leeerrrrvvvee crossing things off whether in lists or on a calendar.

The challenge calls for a gradual rise in amounts of push-ups, squats, sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and planks. I started this today for the first time and it starts off fairly easy but as you can see in the above picture, it ends very hard — 75 push-ups, 250 squats?!, 125 sit-ups, 150 crunches, 65 leg raises, and a 2 min plank. WOW! I guess I’m ready as I’ll ever be.

The first day you are supposed to measure yourself and to weigh yourself but I don’t have anything to do either at my house so I’ll do it tomorrow. Then re-measure at 10/20/30 days. Lets see how much I can lose! Can’t wait to be more fit. My first time was fairly easy. The only one that I had trouble with was the full sit-up. I’m more used to do crunches so the full sit-up was quite taxing. All the rest was a breeze. It only gets harder from here, though. :[

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DAY TWO UPDATE: The push-ups were harder today for some reason. The full sit-ups again I was struggling on but I finished them all. The plank is the easiest thing so far. I might skip the rest day and do the one before the rest day or after the rest day twice. I haven’t figured out which one. I still haven’t measured myself yet.


DAY THREE UPDATE: The squats are killing me. After about forty, the muscles in my legs are straining to do them. The push-ups are getting harder to do as well. The plank is still easiest but I’m feeling strained there as well. I’m not looking entirely different body wise but maybe it comes closer to 10 days than three. Next is supposed to be rest day but I think I’ll do the same one again.


DAY FOUR UPDATE: This was supposed to be a rest day but I went ahead and just copied the previous days workout and added a few more when it didn’t feel too painful. The push-ups are getting really hard. I don’t see myself being able to do too many more without hesitating and resting in-between. The squats are majorly kicking my butt. Right now, they suck the most. The sit-ups are a close second. The leg raises feel pretty good. The crunches, since they are after the sit-ups, feel a lot easier therefore better in comparison. The plank is easy at the moment. It’s becoming strained at the very end so the eventual two minute plank will be very exhausting.


DAY FIVE UPDATE: I used this day as the rest day.


DAY SIX UPDATE: I did day five’s exercise. The push-ups stayed the same so it was relatively fine. The squats seemed to get easier? Could that really be what was happening. I hope so! The sit-ups were still hard to do but I pulled through. My crunches seemed uneven because the abs on my right side were feeling tight and being worked out but not my left. Hmmm… The leg raises I needed to take a quick break in the middle and the plank was easy and I even held it for longer.


DAY SEVEN UPDATE: I’m one day behind so did day six’s exercise. I did all but the sit-ups I couldn’t do because I was in my boyfriend’s room and he doesn’t have much floor space for me to do all that. The push-ups are getting slightly tolerable. I think my arms are getting stronger so it was a little easier than the day before. The squats seemed easier today too for some reason. The rest of the work out wasn’t bad either.


DAY EIGHT: I’m one day behind so did day seven’s routine. The push-ups were harder. The squats seemed a bit easier and my muscles weren’t hurting as much til the very end. The sit-ups hurt but the crunches felt good. The leg raises were pretty easy as was the plank.


DAY NINE: I was really busy so didn’t do it today.


DAY TEN: Instead of this work out, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then tried the stair master but I could only stand it for two minutes. Then I did 100+ crunches. That felt really good. I lost two pounds since the beginning of my blogging experience.


UPDATE: I’m going to start over from Day Seven. Here is where the new updates are.