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16/100 Happy Days. (Day 28)

Yay, another fun day! Another journey with Lyft today. I decided to get a move on with this debt. I have six rides today in about three hours.

Honestly, it started feeling like a job today. Maybe because today I wanted to Lyft solely because I wanted to get my debt over with ASAP, and not because it was fun. Today, my first passenger I picked up close to my house. We were going to pick up his car and then head to work. He left his car by the bar because he was watching the World Cup so that meant he was drinking. I thanked him for not drinking and driving. I try and encourage that behavior in my passengers so they are more likely to do that again. Drinking and driving is a big no-no, especially now that Lyft is in town. He told he does accounting/finance and I told him that was sister was in the same field. It seemed like they had similar experiences where you are just being overworked. My sister has since found a job that has normal hours and is much happier and he said he did the same. Accounting can really burn people out.

My next ride was really close by. I picked her up at the taco shop and she was a ball of energy. I loved it. We chatted the whole way there and I was feeding off her energy. I was instantly energized. She was hanging out with a friend before work and we were talking about him being in the military and people we knew that were in the service. It was a constant conversation all the way to her job and it was a long ride. She just went to a lesser paying job because, although she was making more money at the previous one, she was working about 80 hours a week. The way she looked at it, it wasn’t worth making more money if she had no life and no opportunities to spend the money. She really brought me into a different perspective. Right now, my dream would be to make a lot of money even at the loss of all my free time. She made me think what life is really about and what is worth doing. I have to remember that when I get a career and to not burn myself out. It seems like the past two rides were in sync with each other in a way.

The next ride I got before I could find a place to park. It was at the hotel on the beach. This woman used to live in this area before for years but moved back to her home town but her friend was vacationing in San Diego. She flew back here to visit with them and today she was flying back to her home. She was a really nice lady and we talked about the family that she was visiting. They had two kids aged three and six. This morning, the kids woke her up at six and excitedly told her gooooood morrrrninng! I thought that was super adorable even if it was six in the morning. You couldn’t be mad at them for trying to be nice. I dropped her off at her friend’s house that she’s been staying at and bid her goodbye.

I was waiting around for my next one and even got some breakfast. I saw the picture and immediately recognized her. She was another driver that I’ve driven once. I try and remember everyone (whether its a passenger or another driver) so if the case I see them again, I can let them know I remembered. I greeted her with a “Hello again!” but I could tell she didn’t remember me with her response. She asked if I was one of her mentees or if I’ve driven here. I told her I was her driver and that I took her to the movies with her kids. She said she remembered then but I’m not sure if she really did or said so to make me feel better. I picked her up and at a car dealership and she told me that her husband just bought her a new car for their anniversary. How sweet! She got it last Friday and was just getting it detailed. While we were driving, she looked at my score and was amazed that it was 5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. She said that the last time as well. I told her I just try to do my best and hope that everyone sees that and rates me accordingly. I dropped her off at home and she said that if I was in the area, she’d be needing one on the way back.

I was sitting in my car for a while so I thought I might start moving to a busier area. I soon got one and headed over. Apparently, Google Maps gives directions now for people to go into alleys because I missed the turn looking for a street. It wanted me to go through an alley! That was a first. I found it after a U-turn and picked my passenger up. She was on her way to work at a Starbucks inside a grocery store. She said that they get paid more but don’t get tips. The higher wage is supposed to even it out so that it’s about the same pay. She found out about Lyft because her stepdad drives for us!

My last one before I needed to start heading to school was from La Jolla to Downtown. The guy I picked up went to UCSD and then to pharmacy school in New York. I asked him a lot about pharmacy school because that’s what I wanted to do but he didn’t know that’s why I was asking it. I asked him about his residency/fellowship and asked him what he thought about the field today. He said it was too saturated right now and that he is glad that isn’t graduating right now. He said there is lots of people right now that can’t get jobs and have this huge debt hanging above them. It kind of scared me from following through with my goal but I know I can do it. I just need to be motivated and be proactive about getting a job after I finish school and my residency. I dropped him off at the Convention Center and was on my way to school!

A fun adventure today and met (and re-met) some cool people.

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Lyft Continued. (Day 18)


Continuing on my last post (that went off on a tangent), I had so many passengers the other day! It was such a good Lyft day! If you haven’t heard of Lyft, here is a brief description of what Lyft does in my very first post about it.

After I dropped off the first passenger at the beach, I parked my car and got out to stretch and walk around a little bit. I usually stay close to my car in case I get another call. I walked for a minute before I got the next call. It was just down the street. The ride requests usually come with a name and a picture that is borrowed from their Facebook account. This particular passenger had a sunset as the picture so this time I wouldn’t be able to see who I’d be picking up. I headed out for their address and luckily they were on the corner waving me over. It was two ladies in beach attire and they were headed to downtown. They, unfortunately, said how their past drivers didn’t know where they were going so I reassured them that I have lived here since I was three and I know where I was going. I asked what it was they were looking to do while they were in town and I gave them lots of suggestions. They apparently liked me (not in that way but in a friend way) so they wanted my number and wanted me to hang out with them tomorrow. They liked my beach day suggestion with brunch so they wanted me to go with them. Lyft policy is to not exchange information unless you feel comfortable AND the passenger is the one requesting. I think that’s because they don’t creepy guys/girls hitting on their passengers. Since they were the ones asking, I gave them my number since they seemed like normal, fun girls. We chatted the whole time there to the hotel and even played one of their favorite songs. They were really fun!

Downtown is a busy area and great for rides but it was really saturated with Lyft drivers so I drove to a nearby area where I could be the sole driver. I got a request immediately once I got there and recognized the complex. I picked up and dropped off this good looking guy here before. It wasn’t the same guy but it’s funny how many times you will pick up and drop off at the same address although its different people. This guy was going out to our gay part of town. He said where he was going and I told him I knew where it was so no need to GPS it. I’ve frequented this bar many times, ha! He was going out to meet a friend because him and his boyfriend have opposite schedules so they never have a weekend night together. They do spend Wednesdays together lounging around the house. They sounded like a cute couple and they even have two dogs! I love dogs.

After I dropped him off at the bar, I went to an area to park but got a request before I could find a place. It was down the street from where I dropped off my last at the bar. I got to the destination and didn’t see them so parked and texted my location. They walked out of the shopping center and hopped in. It was two people from Indiana. The guy was the requester sat in the front and his friend, a girl, sat in the back. She had such an awesome set-up. She was a dog-sitter for this woman in Indiana. The woman moved out here to San Diego and needed someone to dog-sit for her for a month so she flew out this girl in my car to dog-sit and live in her house for a month! So she pretty much is getting paid to have a vacation in San Diego for a month with airfare included! The guy, who requested, was the dog-sitter’s friend is visiting for the weekend. They were planning on going to Tijuana the next day and I gave pointers on what to do and what to see. They were really thankful and I dropped them off at a Vons.

For my next one, the app gave me the wrong address. It was about two blocks off. I texted to confirm but she was a little confused about how Lyft worked so I just waited there. Then she called and I asked her what her address was and I looked at my GPS and it was only two blocks away. I swooped over and picked her up. She was with a group of five. I told them I could only safely take four because of the amount of seat belts and four got out to wait for another. I was taking her solo. We said, “Bye Felicia” and took off. I was taking her to a wine bar which I knew exactly where that was so I didn’t need GPS again. I love these trips. We chatted about lots of stuff and then suddenly a bus that was at a bus stop cut in front of us. She said her life flashed before her eyes! I quickly apologized. Then she told she was just kidding and starting laughing. OMG I love messing with people like she just did to me and told her I love her sense of humor because I do the same thing. We totally bonded after that and we chatted for a bit after I stopped the ride and got to the destination.

The next trip was two girls near the wine bar going to a dive bar in the middle of nowhere, kind of. They told me all about this bar and how it had so many different kinds of whiskey. Like a LOT of different kinds. Like more than I even knew existed. It made me want to go there because my favorite alcohol at one time was whiskey. Its currently vodka so I was less enticed.

The next guy I picked up was at the trolley station. He was a language student from Switzerland. He was studying English here for three months. He just went shopping for some shorts. It was a fairly short ride so I didn’t get to talk with him that much.

Then I picked up a guy from the mall. The mall was pretty big so I asked beforehand what area he wanted me to meet him and, luckily for me, I was familiar with the spot. He bought a lot of stuff because he said he was going to EDC. He was a little older than I would expect for that crowd but then he said it was his first time and that he wasn’t really sure what EDC was. He was just going with friends that invited him. He is recently single so he has more time to hang out with his buds. He said he was dating a Filipina and she was a little crazy but she was the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen so it was worth it. LOL. I dropped him off at home nearby.

Next, was a couple from Lancers. This ride was really short. It was just down the street. It was an older couple and they were just coming back from a date. They went to eat Mexican food and went to a local bar for a drink or two. They were a cute couple. When they stepped out of the car, she washing his arm. It was cute. I want to be like that couple when I get older going on dinner dates and still affectionate and cute.

I picked up this guy on the corner. He was walking to a bar nearby but he got lost so decided to call a Lyft. I think he was driver too judging by his picture but he didn’t mention it. Apparently, his friend told him that the bar was in the opposite direction that it actually was and he was walking for a whole but figured it’d be easier to just take a Lyft. That way the Lyft could figure out the directions. He was from Riverside and said he comes down almost every weekend because there’s nothing to at home.

The next was a group of three going to a bar my friend works at. They invited me to come inside and hang out with them. I told if my friend was bartending that I would go since I said I would visit her at work that week. I looked in when I dropped them off but she wasn’t working so I kept on driving.

My very last ride was a guy coming from a show that his friend’s band played at. He was going to a friends house that was close to his house. He was saying how he lived with his great-grandmother and she was 100+ years old. Wow, she must have had a good life and most likely has an interesting life story. That was my last ride for the day! So many and such good people!

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Lyft Off / Tangent. (Day 17)


Wow, I just completed so many rides and met so many wonderful people! I started to drive for Lyft again because I need to pay off a little debt that I accumulated helping out my boyfriend and what an adventure I had yesterday! It was so much fun and this is why I do it …although the money does help too! I am 13% out of debt because of these rides!

If you need a description of Lyft, then read here . If you want to try it, download the app, sign up, then under payments add this code PATR7 for your first ride free! (up to $25)

Before I started, I washed and vacuumed my car so that it looked beautiful inside and out. I was driving to a busy spot when I got my first request! No waiting. I love that. I picked up this guy who was going to the beach area. As always, I like to get to know my passengers so I was talking to him the whole time to hear his story. I believe everyone has a story and they all need to be told. This guy, in particular, was meeting up with a brother of one of his good friends for some drinks. As we talked more and he felt more comfortable, he told me that he was meeting with his friend’s brother because his friend passed away recently. That’s why the brother was in town. His friend was only 35 so still really young to pass away. His friend was sick with pneumonia but his friend didn’t know it. He thought it was an ulcer or possibly a cracked rib. He eventually passed away. My passenger was the one that took him to the hospital but he died six hours later. It was a sad story but my passenger was a good friend and hung out with him pretty much every day before he died. At least he didn’t pass alone. I told him that I’m sure his friend appreciated it a lot because when you are sick, the last thing you want is to die alone.

I didn’t tell him but I could somewhat relate. My mom was really sick for a long time and I faltered between spending time with her and not (I sometimes didn’t want to spend time with her because it was so hard for me to deal with seeing my mother like that, it was at times unbearable but I fully regret not being with her more because now there’s no more time I can make that up). Although the last bits were a little rocky, I knew I didn’t want my mother to die alone. My sister, my dad (even though they were long since divorced, they were great friends and he cared for her a lot and helped her), and I were there for her. I know she knew we were there to support her no matter what. But I felt like we had the strongest bond so I wanted to be there, I HAD to be there when she passed. I felt like I owed it to her. Maybe not so much as owed it to her as I wanted to be there for her. She gave birth to me and so started my life. I wanted to be there to send her off to heaven.

I was sleeping when the nurse noticed her breathing change. She notified her friend and her friend woke me up immediately. He told me what was happening and I ran up to her and held her hand. I held it tight, but not too tight. I was saying so much in my head or was I whispering it to her? I can’t recall anymore. I was telling her how much I love her and how sorry I was for anything I ever did. I love you… I love you… I kept repeating it. Her breathing slowed more and more. It eventually stopped. I held her hand still. I never wanted to let go. Every great moment went through my head that I shared with my mother. I loved this woman more than anything I’ve ever loved. And now she was gone. But I know she didn’t die alone.

Ugh, I miss her everyday. This went off on a huge tangent. I meant for this to be a post about my Lyft passengers I had today but I’m going to end this here. I’ve never really had a journal so I guess this is what it’s like. You just write whatever comes to mind even though you have a set plan for the post in the beginning. LOL. Okay, I think I’ll do another post tomorrow about the rest of the people…

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Lyft. (Day 16)

Today, I started driving for Lyft again after not driving for a little while. I love the flexibility of this job. You can sign in and out whenever you like for however long you like. Today I was driving for about two and a half hours. If you haven’t heard of Lyft, you can read the first paragraph of my first post about Lyft to see what it’s all about.

I decided to drive for a few hours before my class started so I knew it would only last about four hours at most but I was going to just roll with the punches. I drove to a busier area of the city and parked. I usually play a game but today I decided to do some blogging. I wrote my 100 Happy Days post while waiting. I didn’t have to wait long before I got a call. It was from another driver and he was nearby. I’ve seen him before at a Lyft driver meet-up because he was a friend of the only driver friend I have. My driver friend and I have been friends since before we were both Lyft drivers. Anyways, he was at the Rite-Aid parking lot and I was driving him home. I’m not sure if he recognized me or not because we didn’t talk about that driver party I saw him at previously. He was using Lyft because he just took his car to the shop to get fixed. He heard some noises and took it in before things were too bad. He said that he was getting to 100,000 miles so it was about due for some tender loving care. His house wasn’t very far but we hopped on the freeway and I dropped him so he could get back to sleep. I think driving drivers is much easier because they are aware of the job and make it easier for the driver when possible. For instance, he was waiting in an area that is easily accessible to be picked up (a parking lot), he was there waiting ready to go, he gave me directions the whole time, and he gave me the directions well ahead of time so I wouldn’t miss a turn due to the late communication. Easy. Love easy rides.

Next, I parked a few blocks away from my last drop off. I got back to finishing my blogging and a short while later, I got another. It was relatively close again and I arrived sooner than the estimated arrival time. I parked in front of his house and waited for him to get in. He took a few minutes but then he suddenly popped out of his gate. He was going to the neighboring town so it was a quick short ride. I knew exactly where it was so I didn’t need to use GPS. I grew up in the area so the roads were ingrained into my brain. He was a hair dresser and we talked about my boyfriend’s sister, who went to hair school but didn’t work in a salon after. He gave me lots of pointers to give to her in the case that she did want to go into that industry. He was really friendly and nice and genuinely gave good advice for her. I took note of what he was saying and told me how he got started. It was a shorter ride so we kind of got cut off. I hate that. Sometimes you just want to hang out and talk with the passengers more but time doesn’t allow. He stayed in my car for a little bit to chat after we got there but he had a meeting to get to so had to leave after a while. Nice guy.

The next passenger was a girl that had never requested a Lyft before. I was her first one! I love these rides because they usually a little iffy about ride sharing and this is the best way to make sure that they become fans. I always try to give a great experience to first time riders. With a good first impression, chances are they will love the service and use us more often. Everyone benefits from this type of situation. It was her first time requesting but she said that she has ridden in one before when her friend requested but they just drove two streets over. So I welcomed her into the Lyft community and we chatted about the area. It was Normal Heights. I previously lived there a while ago and she moved there about the same time that I moved out. We talked about how the area is becoming better and better every month with new, great businesses popping up. She told me about a pizza place down the street from her house where it was nominated and placed in the top 200 restaurants in the country! Can you believe that?? There must be easily over a million restaurants in the country and that’s a far underestimation. And there is (at least) one that is in San Diego. I told her that I would have to go eat at that place now that she gave me that bit of information. My mouth was salivating at that point. I had only eaten a banana in the morning. At this point, I was literally starving. LOL. I dropped her off at work and it was a little far from the busy areas but I did my usual wait-for-15-minutes-if-I-dont-get-a-request-then-leave strategy. I figured I wouldn’t get one there but tried anyways and headed back to my area.

I waited around for a while and then my app froze on a screen where I couldn’t accept or take any ride requests so I made my way home. I was starving anyway so some food sounded very appetizing before class.

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Lyft. (Day 2)


While going to school, I also drive for Lyft. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a ride-sharing car service that matches up passengers with friendly and fun drivers through an app on your smart phone. A credit card is set up with every account so no cash exchange is needed, nor is a wallet. All you need is a place to go and your phone. You just press one button and the nearest driver is dispatched to you in less than 15 minutes. It displays a map on your phone to show exactly where they are and how long it’ll be until they get to your location. When they get to you, you hop in the front seat and go from there! Most drivers are friendly and social and we try to live up to our slogan, “A friend with a car”. At least I try to be that with every ride. I can’t really speak for everyone.

I was driving yesterday and picked up some cool passengers. One lived really close to me and just needed a ride a few blocks to his house. He reeked of alcohol but he was chill. It was a nice and quick ride. I like to connect with each passenger on every ride but due to the short nature of this one, I wasn’t able to. He also had to take a call near the end of it.

It wasn’t long until I got another ride. It was two guys that wanted to go from Downtown to the gay area! These guys were pretty drunk too. I picked them up from a brewery and was taking them to another brewery for their friend’s birthday. They asked a lot of questions about the job and then we talked about their lives. They were alumnus from the school I’ll be attending in the fall. They said all good things about it so I was relieved. They seemed like cool guys that I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. I got them to their destination and waited for the next.

The next ride was close to the brewery that I dropped the guys off at and heading to the airport. I got to his house and we chatted the whole way there. He told me how he was in Boston on vacation when his work told him he needed to be at a meeting so he took a flight back home. Now, he was flying back to his vacation spot. He said it wasn’t a total bust because while he was back, he was able to attend his friend’s graduation that he wouldn’t have normally been able to attend. He also got to go to the Lady Gaga concert. I expressed my dire hatred and jealousy that he got to go. He said it was amazing. I figured as much… I dropped him off at the airport and he gave me his business card and told me to email him. I’ll email him later and see how his trip went.

I wish that I kept a journal of every Lyft I’ve ever done because the passengers/new friends that I meet teach me so much about life and what it can be. I feel like I live vicariously through all of them. You get to meet so many different people and each with their own stories and perspectives. It really shows me how big this world is and how different everyone’s life can be. I take more from this job than just the money that I get from providing a service. I take away new friends, new adventures, new perspectives, new inspirations, and new ideas with every month that I Lyft.

If you live in a city that has Lyft (there are about 60 right now in the US), then use this code PATR7 to get a $25 credit to use on your first ride. That’s a free first ride! Just enter the code under the payments tab BEFORE you request your first Lyft. See you on the road?

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