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Oh, The Changes!

I apologize for the lack of posting. I speak as if I have a following at all! If there is anyone out there reading, much has changed in my life in the short time that I have stopped posting. Some of it good, some of it bad. All of it a great learning lesson and a way for me to grow. Sadly, I’ve become one of the many to fail the #100HappyDays challenge. Maybe one day, I’ll begin again and finish all the way through. 

In the month and ten days since I last posted, I became single after four years, I travelled to Taiwan, I finished summer session with an A, I went to a scholarship orientation that opened me up, and I enrolled in my classes at my new university! My life is so dramatically different now and I owe all of it to my experiences this past month. I can go into detail into the major events like my break up and my trip later but just wanted to check in on my blog. I want to keep continuing to post everyday like before. It’s just so weird to look back on my posts and see how my priorities have changed. What I view as important in my life has done a 180. 

Onward and forward. 


25/100 Happy Days. (Day 38)

Currently, I’m happy about my diet. Since doing the Master Cleanse, I’ve been trying and succeeding in eating in a different way than I normally do. Today, I’ve eaten a healthy breakfast with an equally healthy snack prepared for school. I’m also trying to eat more smaller meals in a day than a few larger meals. That so far, I’m sticking to as well. All I need is to stick to an exercise routine. I’ve also been pretty productive around the house and have kept my room pretty clean and even cleaned out my car. Next, I’m going through all my stuff and giving it away or selling the worthy items from my room and the garage. 🙂

24/100 Happy Days. (Day 37)

Today was pretty awesome. It was my grandma’s 95th birthday and my sister threw her a surprise birthday party. She was so surprised and even started tearing up. It’s crazy because she was the only daughter that her mother had and from just her, the family is so huge!

I’m pretty shy so I didn’t socialize that much but it was good to know my grandma had a great time with her family. I’m glad I got to help out and set up for the party and that she thoroughly enjoyed it!

23/100 Happy Days. (Day 36).

I’m happy to be alive! Nothing in particular happened where I was close to death but just happy to have another day 🙂 #Appreciative

22/100 Happy Days. (Day 35)

I’m happy for handling some business yesterday and making some monaaayyyyy!!! Hey, getting my trip money!

22/100 Happy Days. (Day 34)

Today I’m happy for the fact that I’m surviving this juice fast / cleanse / detox. It’s amazing how I’m oak and not hungry. Although, whenever there is food around I’m eyeballing the shit out of it. My willpower keeps me from eating it though.

19/100 Happy Days. (Day 31)

It’s my one month blogiversary!

I’ve be been officially blogging for a month straight with at least one post every day. I’m pretty excited to have accomplished that because it was something I didn’t think I would ever stick to! Nor was it my intention to blog everyday when I first started but it happened that way. Now I just need to accomplish my 100 Happy Days, which this accomplishment makes me think I will be able to complete it.

Hmm, in a month I don’t think I’ve changed much from my original post. I’m still waiting to go to the UC school and majoring in Chemistry. I am currently working on my diet and exercise routine. As of right now, my exercise routine isn’t stable and I haven’t made it a priority. This is something I need to change. It’s a wonder I didn’t change because I feel so good after I do exercise. My relationship is still intact and doing well. We are planning on moving out together soon. My summer class is going great since I have a 100% in the class at the moment. I have plans to scratch some items off my bucket list this upcoming month. The next month after that I will be going to another country. The next month will be moving out month and the month following that will be my entrance into the university. Such exciting months ahead.

Some goals for next month:
-Make working out a priority
-Make healthy food choices always
-Focus on spending my time productively
-Spend wisely

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15/100 Happy Days. (Day 27)

I love Naruto.

I have been binge watching Naruto lately. Its an anime about ninjas with special powers. Its main character is Naruto, who has extraordinary power because he has a demon inside of him that has an insane amount of “chakra” that he is able to draw upon. “Chakra” is energy that the ninjas draw upon to use their special abilities. They train for years to learn new abilities, or “jutsus”.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching 200+ episodes of it and have now started the new series. The first was when he was a kid and starting ninja training. There was several different levels of ninjas and this chronicled his journey through his adolescence. This new series takes place during his teenage years, three years after the first one ended. Ugh I’m so into it it’s distracting me from school work and all.

If anyone watches it, my boyfriend and I have determined that my personality is like Shikamaru. If you don’t watch it, then get to it. Shikamaru is pictured above.

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