17/100 Happy Days. (Day 29)

by sdlifer

Happy Fourth of July!

I went to the fair with my boyfriend. We had a busy day that day so didn’t have all day to spend there like we would like but it was still fun. We got up early to get there before the fair opened. We parked at the Horse Park and ran into an old co-worker of mine. We both were riding the shuttle to the fair so we had some time to catch up. He works at a cell phone company now and he gets a 75% discount on his bill! WTH! I need to work at a cell phone company. That is a crazy discount. While talking to my co-worker, I told him about how I won tickets to the fair and last time when we went, we had to leave really abruptly because of a family emergency. A kind lady on the shuttle overheard us and gave us vouchers to get tickets for only $3! That was such a kind gesture. My faith in humanity is restored. People still do nice things for others and that is what makes the world such an amazing place. My old co-worker got off at the employee entrance and we stayed on the shuttle until the main entrance.

Our first stop was the food booths. We made a round before deciding on something. Before I got to the fair, I wanted to try everything and anything. When I got there, nothing seemed appetizing. I wanted to try something new so didn’t go with old favorites and all the new stuff didn’t seem like an appropriate choice for my first meal. I finally decided on a twisted fried potato stick that was coated with parmesan and garlic. It was delicious as most fair food is. My boyfriend went with the spicy version of this. Now that our hunger was subsided, we visited his brother who was working at the fair at one of the restaurant booths. He looked like he was embarrassed that we visited him. Ha.

Then we went to go see the art exhibit in one of the halls. There was a guy doing a live demonstration of some paintings and I stopped to watch for a second. We went inside and I saw some really cool paintings. There were a few of my favorites that ended up being from the same person, David Lozeau. I didn’t find out until I left the exhibit that the painter I liked was the one that was doing a live demonstration. I watched a little bit more after we left and I noticed it was the painter I liked. Then we had to leave because I had to be somewhere in an hour! Overall, it was a fun day though. Next year, I will explore it more.

I got a souvenir cup there and I think I’ll collect one from there every year.

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