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18/100 Happy Days. (Day 30)

I volunteer with a non-profit and one of the perks is that they give volunteers opportunities to see various plays or musicals at local theaters for free.

A local theater was going to play Bare: A Pop Opera. Months ago, my boyfriend said we HAVE to see this. I guess it was a favorite of his when he was younger but he has never seen it live. I got an email for free tickets and I booked it for the first night. We get ready and go a little early. Last time we went to this theater, they knew our names as we came up because we were the last to check in. This time we wanted to be a little more timely. We got there early and there was a large crowd there. Larger than the other two times we’ve been there so I figured this must be a larger musical. While waiting, my BF saw some people he knew from high school and we talked to them until the show started.

It’s a small theater so anywhere you sit is a good seat. It’s a very intimate theater. We walk into the theater and he knew someone else! She used to be an actor at a local haunted house for seven years and one of prop designers for this show. I met her and they caught up until the show started.

The show is basically about a boy in a catholic high school and his struggle to come out. It also featured a few other side characters all with their own story lines and perspectives. It had the mother struggling with the fact she has a gay son, the bigger girl struggling with her identity, the popular girl being misused by guys, and the popular guy that is secretly gay and hiding it. It was really a good show. The actors looked really young too yet were so talented. I forgot to mention that one of my BF’s co-workers was in the show. She played one of the side characters but had her own lines and had some good scenes. My BF was laughing, crying, and cheering the whole way through. It was a good night and then we went to get a drink after. 🙂

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17/100 Happy Days. (Day 29)

Happy Fourth of July!

I went to the fair with my boyfriend. We had a busy day that day so didn’t have all day to spend there like we would like but it was still fun. We got up early to get there before the fair opened. We parked at the Horse Park and ran into an old co-worker of mine. We both were riding the shuttle to the fair so we had some time to catch up. He works at a cell phone company now and he gets a 75% discount on his bill! WTH! I need to work at a cell phone company. That is a crazy discount. While talking to my co-worker, I told him about how I won tickets to the fair and last time when we went, we had to leave really abruptly because of a family emergency. A kind lady on the shuttle overheard us and gave us vouchers to get tickets for only $3! That was such a kind gesture. My faith in humanity is restored. People still do nice things for others and that is what makes the world such an amazing place. My old co-worker got off at the employee entrance and we stayed on the shuttle until the main entrance.

Our first stop was the food booths. We made a round before deciding on something. Before I got to the fair, I wanted to try everything and anything. When I got there, nothing seemed appetizing. I wanted to try something new so didn’t go with old favorites and all the new stuff didn’t seem like an appropriate choice for my first meal. I finally decided on a twisted fried potato stick that was coated with parmesan and garlic. It was delicious as most fair food is. My boyfriend went with the spicy version of this. Now that our hunger was subsided, we visited his brother who was working at the fair at one of the restaurant booths. He looked like he was embarrassed that we visited him. Ha.

Then we went to go see the art exhibit in one of the halls. There was a guy doing a live demonstration of some paintings and I stopped to watch for a second. We went inside and I saw some really cool paintings. There were a few of my favorites that ended up being from the same person, David Lozeau. I didn’t find out until I left the exhibit that the painter I liked was the one that was doing a live demonstration. I watched a little bit more after we left and I noticed it was the painter I liked. Then we had to leave because I had to be somewhere in an hour! Overall, it was a fun day though. Next year, I will explore it more.

I got a souvenir cup there and I think I’ll collect one from there every year.

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16/100 Happy Days. (Day 28)

Yay, another fun day! Another journey with Lyft today. I decided to get a move on with this debt. I have six rides today in about three hours.

Honestly, it started feeling like a job today. Maybe because today I wanted to Lyft solely because I wanted to get my debt over with ASAP, and not because it was fun. Today, my first passenger I picked up close to my house. We were going to pick up his car and then head to work. He left his car by the bar because he was watching the World Cup so that meant he was drinking. I thanked him for not drinking and driving. I try and encourage that behavior in my passengers so they are more likely to do that again. Drinking and driving is a big no-no, especially now that Lyft is in town. He told he does accounting/finance and I told him that was sister was in the same field. It seemed like they had similar experiences where you are just being overworked. My sister has since found a job that has normal hours and is much happier and he said he did the same. Accounting can really burn people out.

My next ride was really close by. I picked her up at the taco shop and she was a ball of energy. I loved it. We chatted the whole way there and I was feeding off her energy. I was instantly energized. She was hanging out with a friend before work and we were talking about him being in the military and people we knew that were in the service. It was a constant conversation all the way to her job and it was a long ride. She just went to a lesser paying job because, although she was making more money at the previous one, she was working about 80 hours a week. The way she looked at it, it wasn’t worth making more money if she had no life and no opportunities to spend the money. She really brought me into a different perspective. Right now, my dream would be to make a lot of money even at the loss of all my free time. She made me think what life is really about and what is worth doing. I have to remember that when I get a career and to not burn myself out. It seems like the past two rides were in sync with each other in a way.

The next ride I got before I could find a place to park. It was at the hotel on the beach. This woman used to live in this area before for years but moved back to her home town but her friend was vacationing in San Diego. She flew back here to visit with them and today she was flying back to her home. She was a really nice lady and we talked about the family that she was visiting. They had two kids aged three and six. This morning, the kids woke her up at six and excitedly told her gooooood morrrrninng! I thought that was super adorable even if it was six in the morning. You couldn’t be mad at them for trying to be nice. I dropped her off at her friend’s house that she’s been staying at and bid her goodbye.

I was waiting around for my next one and even got some breakfast. I saw the picture and immediately recognized her. She was another driver that I’ve driven once. I try and remember everyone (whether its a passenger or another driver) so if the case I see them again, I can let them know I remembered. I greeted her with a “Hello again!” but I could tell she didn’t remember me with her response. She asked if I was one of her mentees or if I’ve driven here. I told her I was her driver and that I took her to the movies with her kids. She said she remembered then but I’m not sure if she really did or said so to make me feel better. I picked her up and at a car dealership and she told me that her husband just bought her a new car for their anniversary. How sweet! She got it last Friday and was just getting it detailed. While we were driving, she looked at my score and was amazed that it was 5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. She said that the last time as well. I told her I just try to do my best and hope that everyone sees that and rates me accordingly. I dropped her off at home and she said that if I was in the area, she’d be needing one on the way back.

I was sitting in my car for a while so I thought I might start moving to a busier area. I soon got one and headed over. Apparently, Google Maps gives directions now for people to go into alleys because I missed the turn looking for a street. It wanted me to go through an alley! That was a first. I found it after a U-turn and picked my passenger up. She was on her way to work at a Starbucks inside a grocery store. She said that they get paid more but don’t get tips. The higher wage is supposed to even it out so that it’s about the same pay. She found out about Lyft because her stepdad drives for us!

My last one before I needed to start heading to school was from La Jolla to Downtown. The guy I picked up went to UCSD and then to pharmacy school in New York. I asked him a lot about pharmacy school because that’s what I wanted to do but he didn’t know that’s why I was asking it. I asked him about his residency/fellowship and asked him what he thought about the field today. He said it was too saturated right now and that he is glad that isn’t graduating right now. He said there is lots of people right now that can’t get jobs and have this huge debt hanging above them. It kind of scared me from following through with my goal but I know I can do it. I just need to be motivated and be proactive about getting a job after I finish school and my residency. I dropped him off at the Convention Center and was on my way to school!

A fun adventure today and met (and re-met) some cool people.

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15/100 Happy Days. (Day 27)

I love Naruto.

I have been binge watching Naruto lately. Its an anime about ninjas with special powers. Its main character is Naruto, who has extraordinary power because he has a demon inside of him that has an insane amount of “chakra” that he is able to draw upon. “Chakra” is energy that the ninjas draw upon to use their special abilities. They train for years to learn new abilities, or “jutsus”.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching 200+ episodes of it and have now started the new series. The first was when he was a kid and starting ninja training. There was several different levels of ninjas and this chronicled his journey through his adolescence. This new series takes place during his teenage years, three years after the first one ended. Ugh I’m so into it it’s distracting me from school work and all.

If anyone watches it, my boyfriend and I have determined that my personality is like Shikamaru. If you don’t watch it, then get to it. Shikamaru is pictured above.

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Chemistry. (Day 26)

I went to a sandwich place to get some food. I only had my card and there was a card minimum so thought it would be a great opportunity to surprise my boyfriend with a sandwich. I got him one and went to school with it. I called him and he was in the library. He was doing some group work going over their take home chemistry midterm. I got him the sandwich and stayed to see if they needed help. I waited until they talked out their reasoning for each question before I gave my input because I feel it would only hurt them if I were only there to give them answers. What happens when they are on their own for the test? They won’t have the strategies of thinking out the problems if I just simply throw the answers out. They talked them all out and I just guided them towards the answer. It seemed like they had the tools as a group to figure it all out but asked me for confirmation.

I hope when I get to the UC school that I find a good group to study with. It really helps because if you don’t get something, there is always somewhere there that does and is able to explain it to you. When you do get it, it benefits you to teach someone else how to do it because it forces you to critically think about it enough to be able to teach someone else. Therefore, the ideas and concepts will retain better because not only are you reading it on paper, you are writing it out on paper, and you are now reciting it out loud and hearing it back. You are using more senses which I believe will make it stick with you.

I really need to brush up on my chemistry before I get to the UC. I haven’t had a chemistry class in a while.

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14/100 Happy Days.

Today when I was headed to my class, I ran into a friend that was helping me with advice and recommendations for what to do to transfer to UC, what to do before, and showing me around the campus. I was walking to wait outside my class and ran into her waiting for her class. She was taking Spanish 2 as well but was taking the five week version because the quarter got out too late to do the one I’m in. We caught up for the short time that we saw each other before class. It was her first day in this class and it was my fourth week. She told me to drop my class and go to hers but that would mean going over everything I already did and also erasing all my 100% grades so I reconsidered. It would be cool to be in the same class as her though.

It was good to catch up and we will be there at the UC for a year together before she graduates in June. It will be good to have someone that knows whats up and can answer a lot of my questions.

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13/100 Happy Days. (Day 25)

The positive event that stands out most yesterday was at my other job. There are new people promoted to my job title and I worked with one of them yesterday for the first time. The whole day I was asking questions to gauge what he knew and what I could show him. I showed him a few ways how the place operated and gave some tips. He also asked questions that I helped him with. At the end of the night, he thanked me for treating him like an equal and not just bossing him around, which he said all the others in our position were doing to him. I really appreciated him telling me that a lot and thought that my actions weren’t that different from the others. I guess I was very wrong and made me think how intimidating it would be then to come into it if everyone (but me) was giving him that treatment. He’s also been working for a few weeks but I work very seldomly (I think I just made up that word, I don’t think it normally can have that ending LOL) so we didn’t encounter each other much except for in passing.

Moments like that make this job an okay and rewarding job.

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12/100 Happy Days. (Day 24)

Oh happy day! I got my wallet back. I wrote yesterday about how I lost my wallet. I was in a really bad mood since I had my driver’s license and credit cards all in there. It is a really unique wallet pictured above. It is more like a cardholder / money clip but I call it my wallet since it holds everything I would carry in a wallet.

I lost it yesterday when I went to the disc golf course. It was a nice, sunny day so I wore some new shorts that I got. The shorts had really small pockets and my wallet somehow and somewhere fell out. I didn’t notice until we were back at my car. We had to retrace our steps and I went to every place I could think of where my wallet could have fallen out. It was nowhere to be seen. I went to the disc rental shop and left my name and phone number to call if someone turned it in. No calls.

I called today and they had it. Someone did turn it in! …although they didn’t call me when they turned it in, I was still happy I got it back. I told them I’d be there in a few minutes to pick it up. I went there and asked for it. The guy handed it back to me and I checked to see if everything was there. It was! All my useless (now that I cancelled all the cards) pieces of plastic but I was glad I got it back. My wallet was unique and my ID was there. So so happy! No need to wait in the DMV line to get a new one. Just need to wait for all my cards to be back!

There are still great honest humans out there! That’s why I love San Diego! There are still a few left here 🙂

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11/100 Happy Days. (Day 23)

Ugh lost my wallet and don’t feel like writing a full post today. Its a really rare wallet too so I’m not sure if I’ll get it back.

For my happy days, I’m happy no one found it and usde it before I could cancel my cards!

UPDATE: It was found.

10/100 Happy Days.

Si, si, si, si! I’m proud of the quickness that I am learning Spanish. I got my test back from class and I got another hundred percent! OMG, I might be able to scratch off something on my bucket list at the end of the year if I continue to do this well in the third semester of Spanish. I know it will be that much harder but at this rate, I know I can do it. There was even a writing portion where we write a paragraph and there was only two minimal corrections as opposed to the last one I did that had many! I think the main issue is the grammar and when to use certain words like “de”, “a” and “en”. If you are translating word for word, you can get really mixed up because it doesn’t translate exactly. I guess it all comes with practice and the more you use it, the quicker and more accurate it comes to mind.

I’m listening to more Spanish conversations at my other job to try and figure out what people are saying. I’m finding that I can figure out more and more each time I get back to work. I think understanding it will come easier but trying to speak it myself and come up with the words and placement on the spot will take the most time. Practice makes perfect! That will mean by the end of the year, I will most likely cross off #3, 5, 13, 49 and 57!

One tenth of the way to the full challenge!

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