20/100 Happy Days. (Day 32)

by sdlifer

My boyfriend tried the Master Cleanse a year ago but didn’t last on it too long. The Master Cleanse is a juice fast diet that is supposed to cleanse your body of all the toxins and give you a fresh, healthy recharge. For however many days you do it, you are basically surviving off of a juice mixture of lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

A couple of days ago, he wanted to try it again. He researched it and printed out some information on it so I can read it as well and see if I wanted to try it. I remember a personal trainer that I Lyfted telling me about how to change my diet and fitness routine. He said its good to start with a cleanse and he recommended this one, then after a strict diet and exercise routine. Having what he said in mind, I agreed to do it with my BF. It starts with a gradual process into eating less. The first day, we only ate live foods — salads, fruits, etc but no processed food. The next day we only ate liquids — juice, smoothies and soups. The third day we only had orange juice.

Today is the first day of the actual cleanse. We prepared parts of the mixture but will mix it all together right before we drink it. We both have school and he has work after so we made it portable. I just drank a mixture in-between this sentence and the last. It’s not horrible if you just chug it. I plan on doing it for only three days but my BF wants to do it for five. After the three days, I have to do what I did before the juice fast but in reverse. I will only drink orange juice for one day, other liquids the second day and live foods on the third. I plan on eating better and sticking to mainly a pescatarian diet after. (My camping trip will be the exception until I decide I want to eat meat again).

For not eating that much in a few days, I feel okay. I’m surprisingly not hungry except when a food commercial comes on tv. I’ve all of a sudden thought KFC looks really good which I haven’t eaten in a long time.

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