16/100 Happy Days. (Day 28)

by sdlifer

Yay, another fun day! Another journey with Lyft today. I decided to get a move on with this debt. I have six rides today in about three hours.

Honestly, it started feeling like a job today. Maybe because today I wanted to Lyft solely because I wanted to get my debt over with ASAP, and not because it was fun. Today, my first passenger I picked up close to my house. We were going to pick up his car and then head to work. He left his car by the bar because he was watching the World Cup so that meant he was drinking. I thanked him for not drinking and driving. I try and encourage that behavior in my passengers so they are more likely to do that again. Drinking and driving is a big no-no, especially now that Lyft is in town. He told he does accounting/finance and I told him that was sister was in the same field. It seemed like they had similar experiences where you are just being overworked. My sister has since found a job that has normal hours and is much happier and he said he did the same. Accounting can really burn people out.

My next ride was really close by. I picked her up at the taco shop and she was a ball of energy. I loved it. We chatted the whole way there and I was feeding off her energy. I was instantly energized. She was hanging out with a friend before work and we were talking about him being in the military and people we knew that were in the service. It was a constant conversation all the way to her job and it was a long ride. She just went to a lesser paying job because, although she was making more money at the previous one, she was working about 80 hours a week. The way she looked at it, it wasn’t worth making more money if she had no life and no opportunities to spend the money. She really brought me into a different perspective. Right now, my dream would be to make a lot of money even at the loss of all my free time. She made me think what life is really about and what is worth doing. I have to remember that when I get a career and to not burn myself out. It seems like the past two rides were in sync with each other in a way.

The next ride I got before I could find a place to park. It was at the hotel on the beach. This woman used to live in this area before for years but moved back to her home town but her friend was vacationing in San Diego. She flew back here to visit with them and today she was flying back to her home. She was a really nice lady and we talked about the family that she was visiting. They had two kids aged three and six. This morning, the kids woke her up at six and excitedly told her gooooood morrrrninng! I thought that was super adorable even if it was six in the morning. You couldn’t be mad at them for trying to be nice. I dropped her off at her friend’s house that she’s been staying at and bid her goodbye.

I was waiting around for my next one and even got some breakfast. I saw the picture and immediately recognized her. She was another driver that I’ve driven once. I try and remember everyone (whether its a passenger or another driver) so if the case I see them again, I can let them know I remembered. I greeted her with a “Hello again!” but I could tell she didn’t remember me with her response. She asked if I was one of her mentees or if I’ve driven here. I told her I was her driver and that I took her to the movies with her kids. She said she remembered then but I’m not sure if she really did or said so to make me feel better. I picked her up and at a car dealership and she told me that her husband just bought her a new car for their anniversary. How sweet! She got it last Friday and was just getting it detailed. While we were driving, she looked at my score and was amazed that it was 5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. She said that the last time as well. I told her I just try to do my best and hope that everyone sees that and rates me accordingly. I dropped her off at home and she said that if I was in the area, she’d be needing one on the way back.

I was sitting in my car for a while so I thought I might start moving to a busier area. I soon got one and headed over. Apparently, Google Maps gives directions now for people to go into alleys because I missed the turn looking for a street. It wanted me to go through an alley! That was a first. I found it after a U-turn and picked my passenger up. She was on her way to work at a Starbucks inside a grocery store. She said that they get paid more but don’t get tips. The higher wage is supposed to even it out so that it’s about the same pay. She found out about Lyft because her stepdad drives for us!

My last one before I needed to start heading to school was from La Jolla to Downtown. The guy I picked up went to UCSD and then to pharmacy school in New York. I asked him a lot about pharmacy school because that’s what I wanted to do but he didn’t know that’s why I was asking it. I asked him about his residency/fellowship and asked him what he thought about the field today. He said it was too saturated right now and that he is glad that isn’t graduating right now. He said there is lots of people right now that can’t get jobs and have this huge debt hanging above them. It kind of scared me from following through with my goal but I know I can do it. I just need to be motivated and be proactive about getting a job after I finish school and my residency. I dropped him off at the Convention Center and was on my way to school!

A fun adventure today and met (and re-met) some cool people.

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