15/100 Happy Days. (Day 27)

by sdlifer

I love Naruto.

I have been binge watching Naruto lately. Its an anime about ninjas with special powers. Its main character is Naruto, who has extraordinary power because he has a demon inside of him that has an insane amount of “chakra” that he is able to draw upon. “Chakra” is energy that the ninjas draw upon to use their special abilities. They train for years to learn new abilities, or “jutsus”.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching 200+ episodes of it and have now started the new series. The first was when he was a kid and starting ninja training. There was several different levels of ninjas and this chronicled his journey through his adolescence. This new series takes place during his teenage years, three years after the first one ended. Ugh I’m so into it it’s distracting me from school work and all.

If anyone watches it, my boyfriend and I have determined that my personality is like Shikamaru. If you don’t watch it, then get to it. Shikamaru is pictured above.

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