Chemistry. (Day 26)

by sdlifer

I went to a sandwich place to get some food. I only had my card and there was a card minimum so thought it would be a great opportunity to surprise my boyfriend with a sandwich. I got him one and went to school with it. I called him and he was in the library. He was doing some group work going over their take home chemistry midterm. I got him the sandwich and stayed to see if they needed help. I waited until they talked out their reasoning for each question before I gave my input because I feel it would only hurt them if I were only there to give them answers. What happens when they are on their own for the test? They won’t have the strategies of thinking out the problems if I just simply throw the answers out. They talked them all out and I just guided them towards the answer. It seemed like they had the tools as a group to figure it all out but asked me for confirmation.

I hope when I get to the UC school that I find a good group to study with. It really helps because if you don’t get something, there is always somewhere there that does and is able to explain it to you. When you do get it, it benefits you to teach someone else how to do it because it forces you to critically think about it enough to be able to teach someone else. Therefore, the ideas and concepts will retain better because not only are you reading it on paper, you are writing it out on paper, and you are now reciting it out loud and hearing it back. You are using more senses which I believe will make it stick with you.

I really need to brush up on my chemistry before I get to the UC. I haven’t had a chemistry class in a while.

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