14/100 Happy Days.

by sdlifer

Today when I was headed to my class, I ran into a friend that was helping me with advice and recommendations for what to do to transfer to UC, what to do before, and showing me around the campus. I was walking to wait outside my class and ran into her waiting for her class. She was taking Spanish 2 as well but was taking the five week version because the quarter got out too late to do the one I’m in. We caught up for the short time that we saw each other before class. It was her first day in this class and it was my fourth week. She told me to drop my class and go to hers but that would mean going over everything I already did and also erasing all my 100% grades so I reconsidered. It would be cool to be in the same class as her though.

It was good to catch up and we will be there at the UC for a year together before she graduates in June. It will be good to have someone that knows whats up and can answer a lot of my questions.

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