13/100 Happy Days. (Day 25)

by sdlifer

The positive event that stands out most yesterday was at my other job. There are new people promoted to my job title and I worked with one of them yesterday for the first time. The whole day I was asking questions to gauge what he knew and what I could show him. I showed him a few ways how the place operated and gave some tips. He also asked questions that I helped him with. At the end of the night, he thanked me for treating him like an equal and not just bossing him around, which he said all the others in our position were doing to him. I really appreciated him telling me that a lot and thought that my actions weren’t that different from the others. I guess I was very wrong and made me think how intimidating it would be then to come into it if everyone (but me) was giving him that treatment. He’s also been working for a few weeks but I work very seldomly (I think I just made up that word, I don’t think it normally can have that ending LOL) so we didn’t encounter each other much except for in passing.

Moments like that make this job an okay and rewarding job.

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