12/100 Happy Days. (Day 24)

by sdlifer

Oh happy day! I got my wallet back. I wrote yesterday about how I lost my wallet. I was in a really bad mood since I had my driver’s license and credit cards all in there. It is a really unique wallet pictured above. It is more like a cardholder / money clip but I call it my wallet since it holds everything I would carry in a wallet.

I lost it yesterday when I went to the disc golf course. It was a nice, sunny day so I wore some new shorts that I got. The shorts had really small pockets and my wallet somehow and somewhere fell out. I didn’t notice until we were back at my car. We had to retrace our steps and I went to every place I could think of where my wallet could have fallen out. It was nowhere to be seen. I went to the disc rental shop and left my name and phone number to call if someone turned it in. No calls.

I called today and they had it. Someone did turn it in! …although they didn’t call me when they turned it in, I was still happy I got it back. I told them I’d be there in a few minutes to pick it up. I went there and asked for it. The guy handed it back to me and I checked to see if everything was there. It was! All my useless (now that I cancelled all the cards) pieces of plastic but I was glad I got it back. My wallet was unique and my ID was there. So so happy! No need to wait in the DMV line to get a new one. Just need to wait for all my cards to be back!

There are still great honest humans out there! That’s why I love San Diego! There are still a few left here 🙂

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