10/100 Happy Days.

by sdlifer

Si, si, si, si! I’m proud of the quickness that I am learning Spanish. I got my test back from class and I got another hundred percent! OMG, I might be able to scratch off something on my bucket list at the end of the year if I continue to do this well in the third semester of Spanish. I know it will be that much harder but at this rate, I know I can do it. There was even a writing portion where we write a paragraph and there was only two minimal corrections as opposed to the last one I did that had many! I think the main issue is the grammar and when to use certain words like “de”, “a” and “en”. If you are translating word for word, you can get really mixed up because it doesn’t translate exactly. I guess it all comes with practice and the more you use it, the quicker and more accurate it comes to mind.

I’m listening to more Spanish conversations at my other job to try and figure out what people are saying. I’m finding that I can figure out more and more each time I get back to work. I think understanding it will come easier but trying to speak it myself and come up with the words and placement on the spot will take the most time. Practice makes perfect! That will mean by the end of the year, I will most likely cross off #3, 5, 13, 49 and 57!

One tenth of the way to the full challenge!

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