Niece. (Day 21)

by sdlifer

My niece is the cutest thing ever. It’s my sister’s first baby and she is so adorable. She is one and a half and can’t talk quite yet but I love that little kid. I am one of her two stepfathers. It was a very untraditional baptism. My sister wanted to name two guys as the step-parents — me and her husband’s cousin (no, he’s not gay). It was hard for her to find a church that would baptize her with two guys as the step parents, even though we aren’t together like that. I think they assumed we were and hence weren’t okay with it? She eventually found one willing to do it but then also named her brother’s sister as a stepmother as well.

My sister came to pick up some tickets I got for her from me at my house and she brought over her daughter. She is a little shy at first and doesn’t always recognize me. I think that’s a sign I need to be in her life more. After a while, she got more comfortable and she was playing around like little toddlers do. She was curious about everything and walking all over the place. Everything on the tables she was inspecting and throwing on the floor. She likes birds so when we ask where the birds are, she points at the bird statues around the house. She is also learning English and Spanish at the same time so when she hands us things, we tell her “Gracias” and she imitates us. So cute. She got more comfortable with me near the end of the visit and let me hold her for a while without wanting to go back to her mom. I need to make more play dates with her so she grows up knowing who I am.