8/100 Happy Days. (Day 20)

by sdlifer


Yes, it happened. Which means that is going to happen! It’s official.

What is it? Well, my passport came in the mail! And what is that? That is my trip to Asia! Scratching number thirteen off on my bucket list. I’m going to visit a friend that lives there, who is teaching English to kids. She has been there since earlier this year and offered her place to stay if I was to visit. With an offer like that, how can you refuse. I’m sure that will cut the cost of the trip by a lot. I’ve already bought my ticket and saved the dates. I will be going early August. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post while I’m gone. Most likely not though. I’ll definitely be back after with lots of pictures or stories to post.

I love how my passport looks. Its so fresh and new. It’s never been stamped and the pages are so crisp. I’ve had a passport before but it was when I was a kid. It has since expired and has since been lost. It had the cutest picture of me when I was little kid. I was so pale and white. Now, I’m sunkist and tan. I wish I could find it and compare how many stamps I had on my first passport so I know what I need to beat in my adulthood.

AHHH, so excited.

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