Status. (Day 19)

by sdlifer

I have been really bad lately on my 30 Day Fitness Challenge. I need to really step it up. Maybe even start all over again? I think if I start from the beginning again then it will feel too easy so many I will just start where I left off and keep it going for thirty days from today and just add on to the last one.

The main reason for me putting it off is that I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s house a lot. He crashed his car recently so I’ve been kind and have been driving him places. I’ve been at his house and his room doesn’t have as much room to do the at home exercises that I’ve been doing for this challenge. I’ve also been driving for Lyft in my spare time to pay off some debt that I accrued when I gave my boyfriend some money recently. It wasn’t much but with my other bills it put me a little out this month.

I, also, ate waay too much yesterday and I need to be in better shape for Taiwan and our city’s gay pride festival is coming up too. We all know how judgmental gay people are…. I need to get rid of my little belly before then.

On the school front, I am doing well. I have a test tomorrow so I need to study a lot tonight to get another good grade. The course is moving progressively fast with more ideas and topics that I don’t remember so I need to put more effort into it to get good grades.

Also, I haven’t talked about it on here but I have another job as well. I am getting really bored of it and am wondering if there are better pastures somewhere else. I don’t get paid handsomely but I do make a few dollars more than minimum and am scared I won’t find a job that will pay as much or more. I feel kind of trapped and stagnant there.

UPDATE: I did start my fitness challenge again here. We are also now on the Master Cleanse.