7/100 Happy Days.

by sdlifer

I decided to be social today in class and made plans with the girl in my class. She was saying how hungry she was and how good In-N-Out is. I agreed and we made plans to go after class. I hadn’t eaten anything that morning so I was indeed starving at this point. My boyfriend and I take summer classes at the same school so he was waiting for me to get out. While he waited today, he sat out on the grass and read some of his textbook. I get out two hours after he does and he looked really red/pink when we went out to meet him after class. He was hungry as well so we all went to eat. He thought she was a little annoying but she is a few years younger than us so the maturity level due to the age difference might be what he was tuning in on.

Yay, I made my first summer class friend. I can be social. 🙂

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