Lyft Continued. (Day 18)

by sdlifer


Continuing on my last post (that went off on a tangent), I had so many passengers the other day! It was such a good Lyft day! If you haven’t heard of Lyft, here is a brief description of what Lyft does in my very first post about it.

After I dropped off the first passenger at the beach, I parked my car and got out to stretch and walk around a little bit. I usually stay close to my car in case I get another call. I walked for a minute before I got the next call. It was just down the street. The ride requests usually come with a name and a picture that is borrowed from their Facebook account. This particular passenger had a sunset as the picture so this time I wouldn’t be able to see who I’d be picking up. I headed out for their address and luckily they were on the corner waving me over. It was two ladies in beach attire and they were headed to downtown. They, unfortunately, said how their past drivers didn’t know where they were going so I reassured them that I have lived here since I was three and I know where I was going. I asked what it was they were looking to do while they were in town and I gave them lots of suggestions. They apparently liked me (not in that way but in a friend way) so they wanted my number and wanted me to hang out with them tomorrow. They liked my beach day suggestion with brunch so they wanted me to go with them. Lyft policy is to not exchange information unless you feel comfortable AND the passenger is the one requesting. I think that’s because they don’t creepy guys/girls hitting on their passengers. Since they were the ones asking, I gave them my number since they seemed like normal, fun girls. We chatted the whole time there to the hotel and even played one of their favorite songs. They were really fun!

Downtown is a busy area and great for rides but it was really saturated with Lyft drivers so I drove to a nearby area where I could be the sole driver. I got a request immediately once I got there and recognized the complex. I picked up and dropped off this good looking guy here before. It wasn’t the same guy but it’s funny how many times you will pick up and drop off at the same address although its different people. This guy was going out to our gay part of town. He said where he was going and I told him I knew where it was so no need to GPS it. I’ve frequented this bar many times, ha! He was going out to meet a friend because him and his boyfriend have opposite schedules so they never have a weekend night together. They do spend Wednesdays together lounging around the house. They sounded like a cute couple and they even have two dogs! I love dogs.

After I dropped him off at the bar, I went to an area to park but got a request before I could find a place. It was down the street from where I dropped off my last at the bar. I got to the destination and didn’t see them so parked and texted my location. They walked out of the shopping center and hopped in. It was two people from Indiana. The guy was the requester sat in the front and his friend, a girl, sat in the back. She had such an awesome set-up. She was a dog-sitter for this woman in Indiana. The woman moved out here to San Diego and needed someone to dog-sit for her for a month so she flew out this girl in my car to dog-sit and live in her house for a month! So she pretty much is getting paid to have a vacation in San Diego for a month with airfare included! The guy, who requested, was the dog-sitter’s friend is visiting for the weekend. They were planning on going to Tijuana the next day and I gave pointers on what to do and what to see. They were really thankful and I dropped them off at a Vons.

For my next one, the app gave me the wrong address. It was about two blocks off. I texted to confirm but she was a little confused about how Lyft worked so I just waited there. Then she called and I asked her what her address was and I looked at my GPS and it was only two blocks away. I swooped over and picked her up. She was with a group of five. I told them I could only safely take four because of the amount of seat belts and four got out to wait for another. I was taking her solo. We said, “Bye Felicia” and took off. I was taking her to a wine bar which I knew exactly where that was so I didn’t need GPS again. I love these trips. We chatted about lots of stuff and then suddenly a bus that was at a bus stop cut in front of us. She said her life flashed before her eyes! I quickly apologized. Then she told she was just kidding and starting laughing. OMG I love messing with people like she just did to me and told her I love her sense of humor because I do the same thing. We totally bonded after that and we chatted for a bit after I stopped the ride and got to the destination.

The next trip was two girls near the wine bar going to a dive bar in the middle of nowhere, kind of. They told me all about this bar and how it had so many different kinds of whiskey. Like a LOT of different kinds. Like more than I even knew existed. It made me want to go there because my favorite alcohol at one time was whiskey. Its currently vodka so I was less enticed.

The next guy I picked up was at the trolley station. He was a language student from Switzerland. He was studying English here for three months. He just went shopping for some shorts. It was a fairly short ride so I didn’t get to talk with him that much.

Then I picked up a guy from the mall. The mall was pretty big so I asked beforehand what area he wanted me to meet him and, luckily for me, I was familiar with the spot. He bought a lot of stuff because he said he was going to EDC. He was a little older than I would expect for that crowd but then he said it was his first time and that he wasn’t really sure what EDC was. He was just going with friends that invited him. He is recently single so he has more time to hang out with his buds. He said he was dating a Filipina and she was a little crazy but she was the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen so it was worth it. LOL. I dropped him off at home nearby.

Next, was a couple from Lancers. This ride was really short. It was just down the street. It was an older couple and they were just coming back from a date. They went to eat Mexican food and went to a local bar for a drink or two. They were a cute couple. When they stepped out of the car, she washing his arm. It was cute. I want to be like that couple when I get older going on dinner dates and still affectionate and cute.

I picked up this guy on the corner. He was walking to a bar nearby but he got lost so decided to call a Lyft. I think he was driver too judging by his picture but he didn’t mention it. Apparently, his friend told him that the bar was in the opposite direction that it actually was and he was walking for a whole but figured it’d be easier to just take a Lyft. That way the Lyft could figure out the directions. He was from Riverside and said he comes down almost every weekend because there’s nothing to at home.

The next was a group of three going to a bar my friend works at. They invited me to come inside and hang out with them. I told if my friend was bartending that I would go since I said I would visit her at work that week. I looked in when I dropped them off but she wasn’t working so I kept on driving.

My very last ride was a guy coming from a show that his friend’s band played at. He was going to a friends house that was close to his house. He was saying how he lived with his great-grandmother and she was 100+ years old. Wow, she must have had a good life and most likely has an interesting life story. That was my last ride for the day! So many and such good people!

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