Lyft Off / Tangent. (Day 17)

by sdlifer


Wow, I just completed so many rides and met so many wonderful people! I started to drive for Lyft again because I need to pay off a little debt that I accumulated helping out my boyfriend and what an adventure I had yesterday! It was so much fun and this is why I do it …although the money does help too! I am 13% out of debt because of these rides!

If you need a description of Lyft, then read here . If you want to try it, download the app, sign up, then under payments add this code PATR7 for your first ride free! (up to $25)

Before I started, I washed and vacuumed my car so that it looked beautiful inside and out. I was driving to a busy spot when I got my first request! No waiting. I love that. I picked up this guy who was going to the beach area. As always, I like to get to know my passengers so I was talking to him the whole time to hear his story. I believe everyone has a story and they all need to be told. This guy, in particular, was meeting up with a brother of one of his good friends for some drinks. As we talked more and he felt more comfortable, he told me that he was meeting with his friend’s brother because his friend passed away recently. That’s why the brother was in town. His friend was only 35 so still really young to pass away. His friend was sick with pneumonia but his friend didn’t know it. He thought it was an ulcer or possibly a cracked rib. He eventually passed away. My passenger was the one that took him to the hospital but he died six hours later. It was a sad story but my passenger was a good friend and hung out with him pretty much every day before he died. At least he didn’t pass alone. I told him that I’m sure his friend appreciated it a lot because when you are sick, the last thing you want is to die alone.

I didn’t tell him but I could somewhat relate. My mom was really sick for a long time and I faltered between spending time with her and not (I sometimes didn’t want to spend time with her because it was so hard for me to deal with seeing my mother like that, it was at times unbearable but I fully regret not being with her more because now there’s no more time I can make that up). Although the last bits were a little rocky, I knew I didn’t want my mother to die alone. My sister, my dad (even though they were long since divorced, they were great friends and he cared for her a lot and helped her), and I were there for her. I know she knew we were there to support her no matter what. But I felt like we had the strongest bond so I wanted to be there, I HAD to be there when she passed. I felt like I owed it to her. Maybe not so much as owed it to her as I wanted to be there for her. She gave birth to me and so started my life. I wanted to be there to send her off to heaven.

I was sleeping when the nurse noticed her breathing change. She notified her friend and her friend woke me up immediately. He told me what was happening and I ran up to her and held her hand. I held it tight, but not too tight. I was saying so much in my head or was I whispering it to her? I can’t recall anymore. I was telling her how much I love her and how sorry I was for anything I ever did. I love you… I love you… I kept repeating it. Her breathing slowed more and more. It eventually stopped. I held her hand still. I never wanted to let go. Every great moment went through my head that I shared with my mother. I loved this woman more than anything I’ve ever loved. And now she was gone. But I know she didn’t die alone.

Ugh, I miss her everyday. This went off on a huge tangent. I meant for this to be a post about my Lyft passengers I had today but I’m going to end this here. I’ve never really had a journal so I guess this is what it’s like. You just write whatever comes to mind even though you have a set plan for the post in the beginning. LOL. Okay, I think I’ll do another post tomorrow about the rest of the people…

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