Lyft. (Day 16)

by sdlifer

Today, I started driving for Lyft again after not driving for a little while. I love the flexibility of this job. You can sign in and out whenever you like for however long you like. Today I was driving for about two and a half hours. If you haven’t heard of Lyft, you can read the first paragraph of my first post about Lyft to see what it’s all about.

I decided to drive for a few hours before my class started so I knew it would only last about four hours at most but I was going to just roll with the punches. I drove to a busier area of the city and parked. I usually play a game but today I decided to do some blogging. I wrote my 100 Happy Days post while waiting. I didn’t have to wait long before I got a call. It was from another driver and he was nearby. I’ve seen him before at a Lyft driver meet-up because he was a friend of the only driver friend I have. My driver friend and I have been friends since before we were both Lyft drivers. Anyways, he was at the Rite-Aid parking lot and I was driving him home. I’m not sure if he recognized me or not because we didn’t talk about that driver party I saw him at previously. He was using Lyft because he just took his car to the shop to get fixed. He heard some noises and took it in before things were too bad. He said that he was getting to 100,000 miles so it was about due for some tender loving care. His house wasn’t very far but we hopped on the freeway and I dropped him so he could get back to sleep. I think driving drivers is much easier because they are aware of the job and make it easier for the driver when possible. For instance, he was waiting in an area that is easily accessible to be picked up (a parking lot), he was there waiting ready to go, he gave me directions the whole time, and he gave me the directions well ahead of time so I wouldn’t miss a turn due to the late communication. Easy. Love easy rides.

Next, I parked a few blocks away from my last drop off. I got back to finishing my blogging and a short while later, I got another. It was relatively close again and I arrived sooner than the estimated arrival time. I parked in front of his house and waited for him to get in. He took a few minutes but then he suddenly popped out of his gate. He was going to the neighboring town so it was a quick short ride. I knew exactly where it was so I didn’t need to use GPS. I grew up in the area so the roads were ingrained into my brain. He was a hair dresser and we talked about my boyfriend’s sister, who went to hair school but didn’t work in a salon after. He gave me lots of pointers to give to her in the case that she did want to go into that industry. He was really friendly and nice and genuinely gave good advice for her. I took note of what he was saying and told me how he got started. It was a shorter ride so we kind of got cut off. I hate that. Sometimes you just want to hang out and talk with the passengers more but time doesn’t allow. He stayed in my car for a little bit to chat after we got there but he had a meeting to get to so had to leave after a while. Nice guy.

The next passenger was a girl that had never requested a Lyft before. I was her first one! I love these rides because they usually a little iffy about ride sharing and this is the best way to make sure that they become fans. I always try to give a great experience to first time riders. With a good first impression, chances are they will love the service and use us more often. Everyone benefits from this type of situation. It was her first time requesting but she said that she has ridden in one before when her friend requested but they just drove two streets over. So I welcomed her into the Lyft community and we chatted about the area. It was Normal Heights. I previously lived there a while ago and she moved there about the same time that I moved out. We talked about how the area is becoming better and better every month with new, great businesses popping up. She told me about a pizza place down the street from her house where it was nominated and placed in the top 200 restaurants in the country! Can you believe that?? There must be easily over a million restaurants in the country and that’s a far underestimation. And there is (at least) one that is in San Diego. I told her that I would have to go eat at that place now that she gave me that bit of information. My mouth was salivating at that point. I had only eaten a banana in the morning. At this point, I was literally starving. LOL. I dropped her off at work and it was a little far from the busy areas but I did my usual wait-for-15-minutes-if-I-dont-get-a-request-then-leave strategy. I figured I wouldn’t get one there but tried anyways and headed back to my area.

I waited around for a while and then my app froze on a screen where I couldn’t accept or take any ride requests so I made my way home. I was starving anyway so some food sounded very appetizing before class.

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