3/100 Happy Days.

by sdlifer

Yesterday, I got to go to the San Diego County Fair. I wasn’t there for too long but it was nice to actually make my way down there. I went with my sister, her husband, their baby and my boyfriend. As soon as we got there, we got some Tasty Chips. Those are basically potato slices fried with nacho cheese and your choice of jalapeno or bacon. We got jalapeno and scarfed those down. People mainly go for the food and the rides and that day I was all about the food. My boyfriend and I left shortly after that but it was good to be able to see my sister and her family. 🙂 That brightened up my day.

UPDATE: We left to pick up his dad after getting into a car accident. He was sandwiched inbetween two cars and the car was totaled so we took him home. We were going to take him to the ER to get checked out but he decided by the end of the ride that he didn’t want to go. For the fair, I won tickets from a raffle and we were there for ten minutes before we got the call. So pretty much wasted these tickets. But, it was more important to help his dad in need.

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