Ramen. (Day 15)

by sdlifer


Yesterday, I went to go eat with some friends from work. I’m trying to put myself out there and be more social. The plan was to go out to eat some ramen noodles in the Asian part of town. I arrived first and saved us a table. I was waiting on two friends from work and another guy that I know of but have never spoken to before or hung out with. The friend I’m closest to arrived next and we talked for awhile before the other two arrived. I have never been to this particular place before so I didn’t really know what to order. The other three ended up ordering the same thing and I ordered a style of ramen that I’m used to at another establishment.

There were definitely some good things about this place and some things I liked better at the ramen place I go to often. The design of this place was very cool. It was really rustic with lots of wooden accents on the outside and the inside. Instead of glasses, they used small mason jars. For distributing water, they had these tall, slender bottles with a detachable plastic cork. The place was visually pleasing in all directions. When it came to the ramen, I liked the cuts of pork that they served, the egg was cooked better, the service was waaaayyy better and the serving size was bigger. At my usual place, I like the size of the noodles, the price of the ramen, the taste of the broth, and the taste of the seaweed that they have. Overall though I think I like this new place better. I’ve realized that I do like to go out and socialize with friends. It’s much better and satisfying than being at home alone but I still value my alone time. I think a good blend of both will benefit me and strengthen my ability to keep and maintain friendships since I feel I am so bad at keeping friends.

I want/need to be more social.

Photo Credit: Me.