2/100 Happy Days.

by sdlifer

Palms were sweating. Is there a draft in here? NO? Oh right, there are no windows.

You can say I was nervous to get my Spanish test back. I felt like I did really well when I took it but then when I was recounting the things I put on the test, I felt less confident. There was two that I absolutely felt I got wrong. I hoped that would still leave me with an A. My strategy with school is always to try hard but, mainly, to try hard in the first few tests so that I can relax for the later ones. Most teachers drop one test and your grade is the average of all the rest. I try to do well on all the first tests and not have to drop any of those so that when it comes to the final, either the teacher will let me not take it because all the other grades were good enough to pass with a good grade or I don’t have to try as hard to study for the final because my grade won’t fall too hard with my previous scores.

I got my test back and it had a 100 1/2% on it. There was one question for extra credit and I attempted and got it correct. I also got two problems wrong. One I didn’t receive any points for and the other I was only marked off a half of a percent. I was ultimately nervous for nothing but I felt proud of myself. I had an immediate rush of happiness flow through my veins. This is the first test of the semester so, obviously, it’s the easiest but I still felt incredibly proud that I was able to retain and understand the material.

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