Friendships. (Day 14)

by sdlifer

The first day of class I was twenty minutes late. I walked into class and scanned the room for available seats. The faces were a big blur. I just did a bee line to the easiest to get to available seat. There was one in the back so I made my way through the random array of chairs to the empty one. I look to my right and smile to my neighbor. She smiles back. I look to my left and she wasn’t looking up so I just look forward at the teacher. Throughout the class, the girl to my right and I chatted a little and I could tell she would be my class friend. A week later and she’s my only friend in class. I’m glad I have one to talk to because in my math class, I didn’t have anyone… It’s so funny when we are in class and someone does or says something dumb or weird, she’ll look over at me and give me this look. Then I can’t help but laugh.

She’s pretty chill and I definitely could see us hanging out but at the moment, its just a class friend. I think its cool when people cross over into your life. For instance, when a work friend becomes your actual friend outside of work. Sometimes people are just meant to be your work friend or your school friend but sometimes they are meant to be more than that and it’s cool to see who comes and goes throughout your life. I wonder how many people could have been a great friend outside of where I met them but something just didn’t work out. Whether it be their schedule or my schedule or whatever and we never got to materialize a true friendship. Sometimes I think about how many of those have slipped through the cracks and makes me want to make sure no more do. I have a real bad habit of being a homebody and never accepting invitations to do things with people. After so many times of not accepting the invite, they just stop inviting. I don’t blame them. I need to put myself out there more and try to become a part of a group. I definitely should get this down before I get to the UC because it will be to my benefit once I get there to get a good core of people to study with. Just another thing for me to work on to make me a better me!

UPDATE: We hung out.

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