#67 – Haunted House. (Day 13)

by sdlifer

Yesterday, I did something on my bucket list but it was something I’ve already completed. It was going to a haunted house. It was a real one, not one where people are dressed up trying to scare you.

I went to the Whaley House in Old Town. It’s a historic haunted house. Can you believe that? It’s officially stated as haunted. Kind of creepy. Every kid in San Diego goes to through the Whaley House as a tour when they are in grade school. Kind of like how every kid here also has a field trip to SeaWorld. It’s just part of the school system for some strange (yet cool) reason. It’s not as scary when you are an adult. Kids are said to be able to “see” more than an adult. Like how kids have imaginary friends but some are “ghosts” that they are really seeing.

We spontaneously went and got tickets to the tour as we passed by. We figured why not since the next tour was starting in six minutes. The tour guide was dressed in old fashioned clothing and was really informative. He even told us information when we went up to him after the tour that he said we aren’t allowed to tell anyone. I have such a bad memory that I’ve already forgotten so the secret is safe with me! We asked if he experienced anything and he told us about the noises he’s heard and the one time he witnessed the light fixture swinging in the theater room. The lady selling us tickets also said she experienced things like doors opening and closing by themselves and hearing voices either just speaking or talking TO her. Now that’s creepy. He even gave us some information about old San Diego. Apparently, it’s called Old Town because that is where the heart of San Diego used to be. The downtown we know now was called New San Diego and there was a battle to see where San Diego was going to start developing. Obviously, new San Diego won and the rest is history. After the tour when we went up to him and asked him questions, he told us information about how to volunteer and how we could get involved. I think it would be fun to learn about San Diego’s history and be a part if it by volunteering to help out at the Whaley House. It’s interesting and scary at the same time, though.

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