1/100 Happy Days.

by sdlifer


100 Happy Days is an online social media challenge to find 100 things in 100 days that makes you happy. It’s a call to find happiness when you might be stuck in a rigid routine and forget to look around at the world around you. It reminds you to look at the small things in life that you take for granted and give yourself moments of happiness. So I’ve decided to accept this challenge! Now I have this and my fitness challenge going. 🙂 This challenge focuses mainly on pictures but I will focus mainly on the story of what made me happy that day.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and our friend went to go eat. Taco Tuesday is a big thing here in San Diego and a lot of restaurants have tacos and most are on special. We went to a particular restaurant in a part of the city called Old Town. This place has really good taco specials and drink specials but I just recently quit drinking for the time being. When we got there, there was a radio station set up inside. We thought it was a new radio station trying to promote themselves because there usually isn’t one there on Tuesdays. They had a table set up and while we were in line to be seated, we took turns putting our name into the raffle that they were doing to give away prizes. We waited in line for our turn to be called for seating and talked amongst ourselves.

Soon, we were next to be seated and the host started to walk us over to the table. Then I thought I heard my name. Just faintly though so I turned around to look for someone I recognize. Nope. They must be talking to another person with my name. Then I heard it again but this time with my last name! I was being called to win a prize! I quickly turned and ran towards the radio station’s table set up. The guy said it was funny that I was running up to the table like a contestant on the Price Is Right. We shared a laugh and he have me two Charger glasses. (The Chargers are San Diego’s football team.) I, personally, don’t like sports but it made me happy knowing that I won something! Funnily enough, a couple names later, my boyfriend was called to win the glasses as well. Now we have a set for when we move out.

Photo Credit: Me 🙂

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