Language. (Day 12)

by sdlifer

I have my first test today in my Spanish class. I took three years of Spanish at my high school but didn’t think I knew much. Taking this class brings it all back. This first chapter seems like a breeze to me because it is sort of a review but I knew I needed to take this class because I would need to refresh the basics before I take the third class. (I skipped the first class with the credit from high school. I could have skipped the second as well but figured I’d need to establish that foundation first.) My hope is that, although I’m taking this as a requirement for graduating, I will be able to at least navigate my way through a conversation in Spanish eventually. I would like to be able to go down to Mexico and be able to understand the basis of what people are saying. I feel pretty confident that I can do this. Learning a new language is like opening up a door that was previously locked and being able to explore what’s hiding beyond it. I have two jobs and one of them we frequently get Spanish speakers and its funny to be able to eavesdrop and start understanding a few words here and there. Its like piecing together a verbal puzzle but later I will have the full picture.

After I finish my third semester of Spanish, I think I will be conversational at the least. My sister took Spanish for a few more years than I did and can actually understand and speak it but she will never admit to it. One day, though, we were out somewhere and the person we were talking to didn’t speak English. All of a sudden, she spoke perfect Spanish to her. It surprised me because she always said that she didn’t really know how to speak it but here she was doing it. I think that’s one of her many talents. Unfortunately, neither of us know our native language. We left when we were really young although she was older when we left. She can understand it when people speak it but she can’t speak it at all. (Unless she has another hidden talent I’m not aware of.) After I learn Spanish, I want to become fluent in my own language. I’ve already started the basics and took the first semester. I got an A and found it really easy but I don’t think I took much from the class. I was just really good at taking tests. After two or three more semesters, I will be fluent.

I feel like moving here I’ve lost all remnants of the other half of my culture. I don’t speak the language, I don’t know their customs (although I know they are really superstitious lol), I don’t know their history and I don’t have contact with that side of my family except my English speaking aunt, who lives in Australia. I guess that’s mostly my fault for not seeking it out but I think this is the year to rectify most of that. I’ll save the language part til after I finish Spanish because two languages at once is intimidating.

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UPDATE: I just went back through my blog and renamed the titles to match what’s in the post. I also probably should proofread these entries because I just randomly type once through without checking for mistakes or flow or making any good transitions. But I’ll save that for another day. Maybe when I go to the beach and am laying out.