Yosemite. (Day 11)

by sdlifer


I just got an email from the school I’ll be attending in the fall. The email was telling me about all the cool adventure opportunities for the incoming students like going to Yosemite for a few days or Catalina or a slew of other fun options.

Out of all the options, the Yosemite one seems the best. I’ve personally never been to Yosemite and have always wanted to. This would be the best opportunity since transportation is provided along with a fun itinerary and also a large group of new people to meet that will be in the same boat as me — new to the school and open to different opportunities. The advantages of going on a trip like this are that its a chance to do something exciting, scratch something off my bucket list and meet people that will be going to my new school. One disadvantage is that its $400 plus the cost of all the equipment, which I was totaling up and its more cost than the trip. I don’t know if I want to spend that much money for items that I will use only once. Another disadvantage is that I was thinking of moving closer to school at that exact time and that would leave me with less money to do so.

I am really leaning towards going but the equipment costs are so intimidating since I don’t have anything camping related already. They assume that you already own most of the equipment on the packing list. I am not an avid camper (although I LOOOOVEEE camping) so I own literally no camping material. Like, at all… Oh Yosemite! I will see you one day! If not with school, then with my boyfriend as a fun little trip.

Have you ever heard of #1ooHappyDays? Its a challenge to post for 100 days what makes you happy that day. If I was to do this, my first post would be this post about the email and the possibility of me going on this trip. I post every day anyway so maybe I could do two posts — one regular one and one for #100HappyDays. Or just post once and make the #100HappyDays my daily post. Hmm…

UPDATE: I’m not going to do the Yosemite trip  because of the cost of having to buy all the camping supplies. I will just have to do my own Yosemite trip later!

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