Kombucha. (Day 10)

by sdlifer


Have you heard of kombucha before? It’s a tea fermented with yeast and other bacteria. You can buy it at the grocery store and it’s naturally carbonated. It’s so good. I like GT’s Gingerade Kombucha. When drank cold, it tastes so refreshing.

My boyfriend has been making his own kombucha and I just finished my first batch! I made mine (pictured above) with tea, apple juice and strawberries. It tasted so good that I couldn’t drink it slow. I was pretty much chugging the shit out of it. It’s pretty simple if you want to make your own. You just need some kombucha and it’s a continuously circular process. You can either start it from a store bought bottle or have a friend give you a SCOBY, which is the yeast and bacteria that forms to ferment the tea. I used the bottle I bought at the store to make mine. Here’s a quick how to:

Buy a bottle of kombucha at the store. Make sure to buy one with a lot of stuff accumulating at the bottom. That’s the kombucha. Have a container to use to make the kombucha. Measure out 10% of that container. Then leave that much of your drink that you bought and drink until you get to that point. Save the rest.

Boil water and make tea. Add a lot of sugar. Wait for the tea to get to room temperature. Then pour it into your container, leaving room for the amount in the store bought bottle. Pour the store bought bottle in the container. Cover with a breathable material. You want to keep bugs and bacteria away.

Keep in a closet for a week. At the top should be a thick layer or kombucha. You can reuse this in another container and start another batch while still using the original at the bottom of the container to do another. You can make more exponentially. Just make sure to save 10% of whatever the container can hold of the original tea to start the next batch. Repeat the other steps above.

I’m working on my next batch. I’m thinking ginger and orange slices. It’s in the closet stage right now. 🙂

Also, happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!