Differential Equations. (Day 7)

by sdlifer

I am epicly failing my Differential Equations class. I have a day to decide whether or not to drop the class before I get a bad grade in it or get a withdrawal, which is just as bad.

I’m trying to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of staying in or taking it when I get to the UC. If I stay, it helps me move along faster because it gets another class out of the way. Also, at the community college, the quizzes can pad my grade if I start doing better on them. If I continue to do bad though, it would considerably drop my grade and affect my GPA. If I take it over there, my friend says it’s easier because the class is curved and makes it easier to do better. If I wait and take it though, it pushes my schedule back and makes graduating on time really tight. I’m hoping on taking only two years to graduate but my friend who goes there already tells me to take three. I’ve waited long enough so I really just want to keep it moving and since I need to go to more school after, taking three years is not something I want to do.

I have until tomorrow morning but I am leaning towards dropping the class unfortunately so it doesn’t affect my GPA too much. We shall see.

Decisions, decisions.

UPDATE: I just dropped my class. I planned out my schedule and I’d be able to fit in in at UC.

UPDATE: I talked to an academic adviser at UC and I will be taking it first thing in the Fall.