Accident. (Day 5)

by sdlifer

null When I was driving home from my boyfriend’s house, a motorcycle hit my car! I look over at him and he continues to speed off in-between the cars while I’m stuck in stopped traffic. It was a hit and run! I pulled over to see if it made any damage and sure enough, it cracked my taillight and scratched my car. I’m wondering if the damages are worth the $500 deductible. I just can’t believe some people these days. They are just disrespectful and dishonest people. The right thing to do would be for him to stop and give me his information. This just gives me a reality check about how most people are these days. The kindness is few and far between and people don’t have morals anymore. If you break something of someones, then you are responsible for fixing it. The really crappy thing was that it was someone in a military uniform. You know that he knew better and knew what he should do but instead sped off.

UPDATE: my faith in humanity is restored. Go here.

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