Summer School. (Day 4)

by sdlifer


Summer school!

It has started and I’m taking a Differential Equations class and a Spanish class. I’m taking Differential Equations because its a major preparation course before I transfer to UC. I’m taking Spanish because the particular college I’m in at UC (it has a six college system where each college has different graduation requirements) requires you to be proficient in another language. All the other graduation requirements were in sync for my major so its only an added two classes for me. Plus, living in southern California, it is very beneficial to learn Spanish.

Being that we have half the time of a normal semester (eight weeks as opposed to sixteen), we can’t really afford to lose any time so even on the first day, we had a lecture and not just going over the syllabus. I already have homework and was given a take home quiz.

Overall, it was a good day. The weather wasn’t too hot or too cold. I wore a short sleeve button up and shorts. My boyfriend was also at school so we met up before I went to class in a study area. Then I had my first class which was my math class. There was only one person from the Linear Algebra class that I took last semester and we didn’t really talk so I was relatively quiet all class. On my break between classes, I talked to my sister on the phone and lost track of time and was twenty minutes late to my Spanish class! Unfortunately, she was forgiving due to it being the first week. I crashed the class so I had to go through a couple to hoops to be able to get in. After all the hoops, I got an add code by emailing my teacher and now I’m officially in. Now homework time! BYE FOR NOW.

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UPDATE: I dropped my Differential Equations class and I’m going to be taking that my first quarter at the UC.