Lyft. (Day 2)

by sdlifer


While going to school, I also drive for Lyft. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a ride-sharing car service that matches up passengers with friendly and fun drivers through an app on your smart phone. A credit card is set up with every account so no cash exchange is needed, nor is a wallet. All you need is a place to go and your phone. You just press one button and the nearest driver is dispatched to you in less than 15 minutes. It displays a map on your phone to show exactly where they are and how long it’ll be until they get to your location. When they get to you, you hop in the front seat and go from there! Most drivers are friendly and social and we try to live up to our slogan, “A friend with a car”. At least I try to be that with every ride. I can’t really speak for everyone.

I was driving yesterday and picked up some cool passengers. One lived really close to me and just needed a ride a few blocks to his house. He reeked of alcohol but he was chill. It was a nice and quick ride. I like to connect with each passenger on every ride but due to the short nature of this one, I wasn’t able to. He also had to take a call near the end of it.

It wasn’t long until I got another ride. It was two guys that wanted to go from Downtown to the gay area! These guys were pretty drunk too. I picked them up from a brewery and was taking them to another brewery for their friend’s birthday. They asked a lot of questions about the job and then we talked about their lives. They were alumnus from the school I’ll be attending in the fall. They said all good things about it so I was relieved. They seemed like cool guys that I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. I got them to their destination and waited for the next.

The next ride was close to the brewery that I dropped the guys off at and heading to the airport. I got to his house and we chatted the whole way there. He told me how he was in Boston on vacation when his work told him he needed to be at a meeting so he took a flight back home. Now, he was flying back to his vacation spot. He said it wasn’t a total bust because while he was back, he was able to attend his friend’s graduation that he wouldn’t have normally been able to attend. He also got to go to the Lady Gaga concert. I expressed my dire hatred and jealousy that he got to go. He said it was amazing. I figured as much… I dropped him off at the airport and he gave me his business card and told me to email him. I’ll email him later and see how his trip went.

I wish that I kept a journal of every Lyft I’ve ever done because the passengers/new friends that I meet teach me so much about life and what it can be. I feel like I live vicariously through all of them. You get to meet so many different people and each with their own stories and perspectives. It really shows me how big this world is and how different everyone’s life can be. I take more from this job than just the money that I get from providing a service. I take away new friends, new adventures, new perspectives, new inspirations, and new ideas with every month that I Lyft.

If you live in a city that has Lyft (there are about 60 right now in the US), then use this code PATR7 to get a $25 credit to use on your first ride. That’s a free first ride! Just enter the code under the payments tab BEFORE you request your first Lyft. See you on the road?

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