Welcome. (Day 1)

by sdlifer

Hello and welcome to my blog.


I live in San Diego, California — formerly America’s Finest City. I don’t think we have a tagline anymore. A lot of people refer to us as a whale’s vagina due to the movie, Anchorman. It’s a city of perpetual spring and summer. It’s a beautiful city and I never want to leave. …Although you should never say never.

I am currently in college studying Chemistry. I will be attending the University of California in the Fall. I’m a pretty shy person when you first meet me but after, it’s a different story. I’m half asian and half white. I’m gay. I have a lovely boyfriend. I love tattoos, photography, everything Disney, drawing, Marvel Comics, Pokemon, hiking, lists, reality tv, Apple products, among many other things.

I’m currently trying to get fit and eat healthier. I’ve gained a few pounds and I’m not comfortable when I look at the scale. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and it’s time for a change! I like to call myself skinnyfat. I’m relatively thin but out of shape. I’m trying vegetarianism for now, well actually its pescatarianism, but I know that’s not a permanent lifestyle choice since I do like meat. Once I drop some weight, I’m going to start eating chicken and other poultry. I just need to learn to eat better because your diet is half the battle.

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to school because I’ll be a bit older than the other students since I took time off. Life has narrowed down my choices so I now know exactly what I want to do with my life. My plan is to become a pharmacist and then later, go into research on cancer. I started summer school to get caught up on major requirements. I’m going to be taking a math course and a Spanish class. I also feel that my timing may be late for a normal education timeline but everything is how it was meant to be. I was one of about 37 to be awarded the scholarship I received! I felt so special and smart! I’m not so sure how they picked me but I’m happy. It made me feel like the timing was destined to be.

What will follow are a random collection of my thoughts, my material desires, and things I’m interested in. Who knows maybe I’ll fine tune it eventually and create a theme or purpose for this blog.

Here‘s my bucket list.

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